12 signs an introverted girl likes you 

Do you have your eyes on that quiet, sweet girl? Before you dive head first into trying to woo her, here are 12 signs an introverted girl likes you to keep in mind as you build a relationship. 


The sweet, quiet type is often the hardest at winning over or reading how she is feeling. But, when you gain some insight, you’ll up your odds of getting her to say yes to a first date, and hopefully beyond. 


#1 She smiles when you talk to her 


Quiet girls love to be approached and talked to because they are too afraid to do it themselves. If you are interested in her, show her by striking up a conversation.


If she smiles and keeps the conversation going it’s a good sign she’s willing to overcome her timid, introverted behavior to get to know you. But if she’s not reciprocating the conversation you may need to back off. 


#2 Blushing is a good indication


Blushing is a good indication


Introverted girls are easy to make blush because they react to teasing or compliments in nonverbal ways. If she likes you, chances are she’s going to blush a lot when you call her sweet pet names, do gentle teasing or just give her the slightest attention. However excessive flushing is an indication you are embarrassing her to try to find a healthy balance between the two.

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#3 Plays hard to get


A great sign that a quiet introverted girl likes you is by playing hard to get. She will be polite, but expect you to chase her to ensure her time is going to be worth letting you in.


Quiet girls are often cautious girls. So don’t waste her time if you’re just going to be playing around. Show her that you have a genuine interest in the things she likes, but also are willing to play the long-term game. Try to be patient too, odds are she is scared to death to invest her emotions and time into anyone. 


#4 She’ll open up by offering her help


If you’re lucky enough to be offered help or any kind of assistance by an introverted girl, chances are that’s her opening up and accepting you. If she offers to grab food or asks you if you need anything, she’s opening herself up to your needs.


While it may seem minor, offering her time or resources (like money, transportation or cooking skills) is a good sign she likes you.


#5 She talks the talk 


Be ready for some big smack talk if she likes you. She’s going to fluff her feathers a little bit and make herself seem more tough then she really is. This is her putting up walls to protect herself. It’s also how she encourages herself to be more outspoken, so try to encourage her being bold. 


She talks the talk


#6 Hard conversation topics are discussed early


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Be on the lookout for conversations to be a bit more intense in the beginning when you like an introverted girl. This is an introverted personality trait to weed out anyone who’s just looking to play around with deep conversation. Because introverts are picky when it comes to the company they keep, it’s important for them to feel comfortable having hard conversations with you. 


#7 Willing to drop what she’s doing


If you are lucky enough to be part of her circle you’ll know because she will not hesitate to drop everything and come to you in your time of need. A good sign an introverted girl you are eyeing is definitely into you, is by her willingness to show you in nonverbal ways, her support. If she’s willing to bring you lunch on her day off or run to your help at the drop of a hat, chances are she’s willing to make room for you and her life and not afraid of small inconveniences. 


#8 She opens up 


Introverted girls want somebody to confide in and feel comfortable around. If she starts the conversation and introduces herself to you then she must really really like you.


It takes a tremendous amount of courage to strike up a conversation for introverts, make things a little easier by asking questions that are pretty easy to answer. For example, topics that require little opinion are best such as does she drink coffee? If so, what kind is her favorite? 


#9 She eats around you 


Quiet, introverted people have the tendency to be embarrassed to eat around people. Which makes going out to eat a big deal for introverted girls.

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If she’s willing to go to dinner, especially on the first date, it’s a good sign she likes you. It takes a lot to overcome anxiety or nervous feelings that tend to curb an appetite. If you really want to hit it out of the park, take her to a restaurant less crowded, with a booth and let her nibble. 


#10 She lets you pay


Being introverted often means being independent, and a good sign she likes you is if she’s willing to let you pay for things. While many guys like to pamper their lady and pay for things, it can make an introverted woman feel like she is in debt to you.


It’s not a great feeling and if she doesn’t offer to pay or is willing to let you buy something, it means she really likes you and is okay with accepting your money.


#11 She’s the first to text


Texting is really an introverted girl’s best friend. She’s able to get the words out, have time to pause and reflect and get her thoughts in order.


Which is why she’s going to text you first, and a lot. It’s not that she’s being possessive or needy. Instead that’s how she’s comfortable communicating. She’s happy to send a good night or good morning text signaling that she likes you and is willing to tell you you’re on her mind.


#12 She is comfortable enough to take risks 


It can be hard to get an introverted girl to be honest and open up, but when she’s comfortable she will let you know. The best way to find out if she likes you is to start the conversation or give her an opportunity to tell you she likes you. Be kind and gentle and let her come to you sometimes.


Liking an introverted girl is going to take patience and understanding, not just in the beginning but through the whole relationship. Start off on the right foot by using these 12 signs and an introverted girl likes you, and see where it all goes.

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