5 Things to Do When Your Guy Doesn’t Text You Back

The oldest trick in a guy’s guidebook on “How to Lose a Girl” is to simply fall off the face of the earth. Why? Because some guys are programmed to switch to ghost mode instead of dealing with things. 


Okay, let’s be honest here, who here hasn’t impersonated the role of Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of a guy’s disappearance? 


Guilty as charged, right?


Girls are phenomenal creatures that can turn into inspectors in a heartbeat. Hello! We know where your aunt’s house is before even getting to know you. We know that your mom loves shopping in Macy’s, we know about your father’s trips in the 1970s, and we know your sister’s favorite nail salon.


We know you really like this guy, but leaving you high and dry for no reason is not acceptable. Unless he was in a coma or his grandpa broke his leg, we don’t want to hear it. 


Please, don’t get in that car and drive around his neighborhood. Also, do not happen to “accidentally” go to the places he usually visits.


Okay? We’ve been there, done that! 


Instead, here is what you should do in case your guy doesn’t text you back.   


1- Evaluate the Overall Situation 


Is it the first time that your guy is not answering? If yes, then please do not stress yourself out or make a big deal out of it; he might have a genuine excuse. Give him some time to reply and explain.

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However, if this is something that has happened before or something that keeps occurring over and over again, then you need to think this through.


2- Remember that It’s Not Your Fault


If a guy you’ve been talking to suddenly stops replying to your texts, it’s not that you’re not an interesting person or you asked the “wrong” question. If this guy is worth your time and energy then the least he could do is text you back. 


Why would you want to waste your feelings on an immature guy who doesn’t even have the decency to reply? 


Do not drive yourself crazy by making up fake scenarios in your head. 

3- Know Your Worth


You are a strong queen who shouldn’t put up with someone who chooses to ignore you. It’s the 21st century, and the majority of us sleep and bathe with our smartphones glued in our hands. What are the odds of him being struck by lightning or involved in a car accident? 


What? Was he helping a squirrel cross the street? Is this why he was unable to text you back? 


Girl, please don’t fall for lame excuses… know your worth! Boys are very primitive creatures; if he likes you, you will definitely know. If you have to question whether or not a guy likes you, then you probably need to move on.


4- Do Not Hunt Him Down 


We are reminding you once again that you should not start your engine, and go searching for clues. Do not “accidentally” bump into him. Do not harass his friends or his family members. And do NOT bombard his phone with multiple text messages and stalk his social media accounts. 

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I know you want your closure, but he is not going to give you closure by doing things like this! One thing to keep in mind: This guy might not even give you closure at all.

Give him room to breathe; he might come to you explaining that he needs some space and you should respect that- at least he was honest with you!


5- Distract Yourself from Approaching Him


Checking your phone all the time, and not doing anything besides waiting for him to text you back will only drive you crazier! 

knowing your worth


Count to five and get moving! Below are some ideas that might inspire you to get distracted:


  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood

Moving around is a foolproof way to get those endorphins running, and to keep you away from your phone!

  • Talk to a friend on the phone

Talking to a friend can be extremely cathartic; friends can keep you from doing something stupid that you could later on regret.


  • Cook a wholesome meal

Good food is good for your body and your soul! You can make a wholesome soup, or even bake a vanilla cake!


  • Watch a series on Netflix

Nothing keeps your mind from wandering more than starting a marathon on Netflix, and hugging a big bag of hot Cheetos!


  • Clean your bathroom

Cleaning has been psychologically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. We know how stressful this situation can be; it honestly can be nerve-racking.


  • Declutter your space 

Doing some feng-shui and decluttering your space can feel like redemption. Feng-shui can expel bad energy, and make room for better things to come along (that includes the bum who can’t manage to text you back).

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  • Do some restorative Yoga

Yoga is a sure way to calm your nerves, and transform you into a positive state of mind. Who needs boys when you can meditate your way into happiness?


  • Hit the nearest beach 

Dipping your toes in the sand, feeling the waves on your body can be extremely comforting. You can even bring a book or a magazine to keep your mind at bay.  


We all want to be loved and to be showered with attention from that guy we like. Sadly, it doesn’t always work like this. It is especially baffling when you think a guy really likes you! Always keep in mind that you deserve to be loved in the way YOU want to be loved. Never settle for less or settle for a guy who doesn’t even bother to text you back. 


Knowing how to properly react in similar situations is important because we don’t want you to end up regretting doing something. Also, we don’t want you to feel less worthy because no guy deserves to put a price on that. 


You are a queen who won’t wait around for some lame excuses and unapologetic actions. 

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