Bridal care before 6 months of marriage

Being a bride can definitely be overwhelming: You’re committing to get married to this person, hopefully for life. You picture yourself in the most perfect wedding dress, you fantasize about a dreamy wedding and you plan your honeymoon romantic getaway.


Truth is, planning a wedding is not all rainbows and butterflies; it’s also thinking about all the ugly aspects. For instance, you’re thinking about who NOT to invite to your wedding because they might ruin your magical night.


You’re also trying your best not to chop someone’s head off because they’re not doing their job as they should. And on top of that, you have to put up with both of your families and the countless requests and demands they have on their minds.


That being said, this period can be extremely stressful. Sadly, this stress may affect your physical and mental health! Don’t worry, we are here for you; we will give you simple applicable steps you can take to take care of yourself during this time.


I got married last year and I WISH I had dedicated the time to care for my body and soul! I wish I started working on myself six months before the wedding because catching up on all that work a month before the wedding is NOT going to do the trick. Don’t be like me, work on your glow at least six months before your wedding.


The following tips are golden if you want to glow like the queen you are on your wedding day.


1- Water Is Your New Best Friend


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Water Is Your New Best Friend


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…did I mention that you need to hydrate?


It’s so easy to neglect drinking water during that stressful, yet happy time. We tend to spend a fortune trying to find this “magical” tea or coffee that will transform us into beautiful fairies. Meanwhile, all we actually need is water to make us glow! Your magical drink is right there in front of you begging you to drink more of it!


You already know the health and beauty benefits of drinking water, do we need to say them again for you? 


Well, just in case you need a reminder: Water flushes out toxins of your body, makes your skin dewy and younger-looking, makes your hair shiny and lush and it prevents premature aging. 


To remember drinking water, you should keep a bottle of water right next to you. Mark the water bottle or buy something that’s already marked so you can keep track of your daily water intake. You will NOT regret this, trust us!


2- Move Your Body


I’m definitely not telling you to lose “that” weight, and I’m definitely not telling you that you need to look super skinny or to fit into a smaller-sized dress. 


Moving your body is good because it will increase your happy hormones, it’s a healthy outlet for all that stress that comes along. It will also help in flushing toxins out of your body.


Plus, It will make you look toned and you will find it easier to look good in any kind of dress. Because moving your body will boost your confidence and will make you feel good about yourself. 

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Six months is a great period to show results! Don’t expect to start working one month before your wedding and then demand me. 


3- You Are What You Eat


Whether you want to believe us or not, you are what you eat. So, if all you eat is junk food, then your face is going to tell it all! Your skin will suffer and you will put on fat that you will never get rid of- if you ever want to.


Not only that, but eating also affects your mood. Our tummies and brains are very much connected, and it has been scientifically proven; if your tummy isn’t happy so is your brain and vice versa.


It’s also worth mentioning that this is not a phase where you start trying out new unrealistic diets or drinking smoothies that will magically make you “healthy”. These diets and trends are more likely to sabotage your overall health and might make you gain weight instead, not to mention, you’re likely to lose hair if you lose weight in a quick and unhealthy manner.


4- Get Your Beauty Sleep


Get Your Beauty Sleep


When we sleep our bodies heal themselves. Imagine little workers renovating your skin and healing your body tissues while you sleep!


Give yourself some time off, rest your body and get your beauty sleep. It’s a win-win situation to rest your mind and your body.


Regularly getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep will boost your overall health and make your beauty shine even brighter. 

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To make your sleep quality better, remember that you need to sleep in a dark and cold room, remember to wear comfortable clothes, and to sleep on clean sheets. If you’re still unable to fall asleep, try some aromatherapy to help you snooze. 


5- Let Go Of Toxic People


Okay, time for some ugly honesty, who here doesn’t have that one “friend” who keeps making things worse than they are, and who keeps drawing these bad scenarios that you can’t get out of your head?


Three months before my big day, my so-called BFF kept on picking fights with me, she kept saying that I’m not giving her enough attention and that I’m being selfish. At that time, I still haven’t realized that she’s toxic and she should be supporting me instead of adding up to my stress.


She was being jealous and self-centered. I wish someone had told me to cut her out of my life sooner because she only made me chase after her instead of focusing on planning my wedding and taking care of myself.


If you feel that someone is just feeding you negativity, just cut them off. Trust me, you’re better off without them! Getting rid of bad people is like getting rid of bad habits; you will soon grow and prosper because they’ve been holding you back.

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