Can You Sense When Someone Likes You

For some reason, our minds are wired to feel the tension or chemistry between people. One way or another, we are able to tell if two people are attracted to each other without knowing the intimate details of their relationship.


We can feel it in the pit of our bones; it’s like we have a sixth sense for this type of thing. Most of the time, we are able to tell that this couple is pretty much in love, just as we are able to tell that another couple is not getting along so well. We are able to read physical attraction and we are able to sense its energy.


In fact, our emotions are energy and energy can be felt. Sometimes the emotions are so powerful that this person manifests themselves in your dreams. Yes, the human mind is very powerful- more than we could ever think of!


So the short answer is YES; you can sense when someone likes you. If you sense that the other person likes you, most likely they do and they feel it too! If you feel like you have to ask whether this person likes you or not, then most probably they don’t like you because you would feel it if they are attracted to you.


Although the energy itself can’t be physically seen, you will pretty much be able to read the body language and other signs that reveal that this person really likes you. Energy manifests itself in actions that we simply can’t control and it will look like this: 

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1- They Are Somehow Always Around


When someone likes you, they will always find a way to be around you! Do you suddenly see them everywhere you go?


When we like someone, it’s only natural for us to want to be around them as much as possible. A natural power draws us towards them- another synonym for this power is our human hormones. Your body will literally draw you towards someone and you will try to look for them everywhere you go.


They Are Somehow Always Around


Do you suddenly see this person in the cafe you usually go to? Do they suddenly hang out with the same people you hang out with? Are they suddenly going to the same parties like you? Do you now notice them in every event you attend? 


This act of “chasing” is due to the fact that they really like you and they are trying to be around you; they can’t help it!


2- Their Body Says it ALL


It’s like our bodies have a separate mind of their own- no pun intended. Truth is, our bodies say the things that our lips can’t articulate. The body tells it all; it exposes our emotions and reveals our truths.


When someone likes you, you will automatically catch their eyes in a room full of people. This is mainly because you can sense their energy.

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This explains why we sometimes feel that someone is watching us and when we turn around, we actually see this person staring at us. It’s all about the energy baby!


Not only that, but their body will be literally and physically pointed towards you. If their legs are pointed towards you, they like you! If their palms are pointed upwards or outwards towards you, it means they like you too. 


If they are mirroring your physical movement, they like you as well. You can even try it out yourself, the next time you’re with this person just look at your watch; if they mirror your action and look at their watch, they really like you! If you yawn and they yawn back, they like you too! 


3- They Tease You


While I was in kindergarten, there was this boy who always teased me and made fun of me; I genuinely thought he was a bully and hated going to school because he teased me all the time. My mother, being the mama bear she is, called his mother and told her that he spends the day only teasing me.


His mother was extremely shocked and all of a sudden she burst into laughter. She said that all he ever talks about is me and that he is obsessed with me.


She said that he only talks about how shiny my hair is and how adorable my cheeks are. This little munchkin liked me and it was his way of letting me know. 

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Well, sadly, we do not grow out of this phase! Sometimes, teasing someone is our way of telling them that we like them. Yes, it can sometimes be uncivilized, but as long as it doesn’t get to the point of bullying, I think we’re good to go! 


If this person is constantly teasing you, they are actually testing if you like them back. They are slowly, but vulgarly, dipping their toes in the water to see if the feeling is mutual.


4- They Find Any Excuse To Touch You


They Find Any Excuse To Touch You


You can sense when someone likes you because their energy will literally move into you when they touch you! When someone is attracted to you they will unconsciously find any excuse to touch you- and no, we don’t mean that they should touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.


They might playfully tap or hit your arm when you tell a joke. Or, they might put their hands on your back when you are passing before them. Or they might greet you with a hug.


When someone touches you, it gives you that sense of connectedness and closeness. It’s our way of letting the other person know that we care about them. Sometimes, a touch says the words that we fail to articulate!

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