Is Steam Good For Dry Eyes

Is Steam Good For Dry Eyes

You wouldn’t know how irritating dry eyes can be unless you’re suffering from them. The burning sensation is so real that it feels like someone has set your eyes on fire. Dry eyes can also be very sensitive to light that it feels like you were born a vampire in a previous life.    Fact … Read more

What Is Better Yoga Or Gym?

what is better yoga or gym?

Some people swear that yoga was the best thing that ever happened to them, while others swear that going to the gym is utterly cathartic. And while some people find comfort in going to the gym and consider it their natural habitat, other people find home on their yoga mat.    The endless debate between … Read more

Is being a night owl unhealthy?

Is Being A Night Owl Unhealthy

Night owls are fascinating people; they are inspired by the moon and they come alive at night time. Night owls are mostly energetic when the darkness covers the skies. They become incredibly motivated by the silence that governs the nights and find their muse in dim city lights.    You can find those night owls … Read more