Do Guys Like Quiet Girls?

Most often than not, quiet girls are mistaken to be introverted, shy, and lack self-confidence. A quiet girl is not the main character; she’s only sitting in the back with her eyes fixated on a book.


She usually doesn’t get the man because she doesn’t draw his attention. She keeps her feelings to herself and only her notebook knows how she feels about that guy. She’s only there in the background watching every guy she ever falls in love with go for someone who is loud, talkative, and radiates with confidence.


Well, we are here to reassure you that while the quiet girl may not necessarily get “the man”, she will probably end up getting the right man; the one who doesn’t fall for the facade of confidence that louder girls put on. The right guy is attracted to this calmness and is intrigued by her mystery.


The right guy knows that her eyes make the loudest noise in the room and that she doesn’t need to loudly vocalize her feelings to get what she wants. 


The truth is, you do not have to be chatty and loud to be attractive to men. The right man will be attracted to your vibe and allure, not for the show that you have to put on. Quiet girls can be very attractive for the reasons we will discuss below.


1- She Is A Mystery


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There is nothing more attractive than a girl who doesn’t have the urge to share her every life event with everyone else. There’s nothing more attractive than a girl who doesn’t broadcast every relationship she ever had on social media. It’s not attractive to have everyone know your business. 


A man would want to learn more about her and her dating history, like what type of men were in her life? What traits is she attracted to?


He will also be intrigued to know what makes her laugh and what makes her cry. He will be keen to know what her favorite color is and what song makes her cry.


She Is A Mystery


2- She Radiates With Confidence


A quiet girl does not need to be loud all the time to prove that she exists. She’s not trying hard to get the attention of others and she doesn’t demand to be the star of every show. And this is what makes her really admirable. She actually ends up stealing the show just by being quiet. 


This is because quiet girls don’t scream for attention and do not seek the approval of others. Quiet girls don’t loudly brag about themselves and don’t broadcast their accomplishments to entertain others.


They don’t have the need to please others and don’t need to steal the light from others. Quiet girls give the vibe that they are composed and very much put-together.


3- She’s The Greatest Listener


A quiet girl would never hog the conversation. She would also never turn the conversation around herself and shift the subject so it would revolve around her.

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A quiet girl is a great listener and she will make you feel like you’re the star of the show. She will make you feel better and she will make you feel understood and heard.


She will be mindful and will definitely give you her full and undivided attention. She will also remember everything you tell her because she’s really listening to what you have to say.


4- She Will Make You Feel Special


Would you rather be with a girl who tells everyone her deepest secrets and shares everything with everyone, or would you rather be with a girl who only confides in you? 


A quiet girl will make you feel very special because you’re one of the few people that she trusts. This is because a quiet girl appreciates her privacy and doesn’t have the need to share her life details with everyone else.


She rarely posts on social media and she doesn’t have the urge to share her outings with the rest of the world. She may even travel and not tell anyone, or she may be in the most loving relationship and never post a photo on Instagram. 


5- She’s Highly Intuitive 


Quiet girls are highly intuitive; this is mainly they observe the world with their eyes open wide. Quiet girls are in tune with their feelings and with the world around them. They will know when you’re feeling sad even without you telling them; they will notice that something is wrong just by your body language. 

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Not only that, but a quiet girl can comfort you even when you’re at your lowest. It’s because they know how to comfort you, well, because they know you!


She is easy and chill; you don’t have to put on a show to keep her entertained. And most importantly, the silence won’t bother her; it’s her natural habitat!


6- She Is A Dreamer 


She Is A Dreamer 


Quiet girls let their minds wander and take them elsewhere. They are good mediators and the wildest dreamers. This is because a dream doesn’t find itself amidst the chaos and loudness. The best ideas we have, the wildest dreams we dream of usually come out when we let our minds wander.


A quiet girl is also intrinsically motivated; she doesn’t seek outside validation to fuel her motivation. She doesn’t seek the recognition of others and she doesn’t demand the approval of others.


She’s not shallow, she’s self-driven, and she solely relies on herself to stay motivated to follow her dreams. She’s not afraid to go after her dreams because she doesn’t care about what other people have to say.


She’s not afraid of failure because she’s not afraid of people judging her! She will pursue her passion despite the inconvenience it may cause to some people.

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