Does Physical Appearance Matter In A Relationship?

Not all of us can look effortlessly good; we’re not all unicorns. Some of us have to put in work to look good. It’s almost unbelievable that some girls can look like divas when they put their hair up in a messy bun, while some of us look like a homeless teenage boy if we do the same. 


This is not your sign to go under the knife or do some radical change to your appearance. And this is definitely not your sign to look like a Victoria’s Secret model all the time.


What we’re actually saying is that there is a difference between putting your hair in a bun vs not washing your hair for ten straight days. There is a difference between having chapped nails vs growing fungus under your fingernails.There is a difference between having naturally crooked teeth vs reeking breath that makes everyone know you had garlic bread for lunch.


Hence, the short answer is YES; physical appearance matters in a relationship. Whether we care to admit it or not, our physical appearance is the first thing anyone notices about us. 


Reasons Why Physical Appearance Matters


1- It Boosts Your Image


Physical Appearance Boosts Your Image


People can tell if you take care of yourself, so does your partner. Taking care of yourself shows that you love yourself and that you treat yourself nicely. It makes others realize that they should treat you the same way you treat yourself.

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YOU define your self-worth, people just go along with what you reflect. Don’t expect your partner to treat you nicely if you’re not even good to yourself.


Fresh nails, well-groomed hair, clean clothes, and a fresh breath can automatically make you look ten times better. 


We are NOT sexist and this is not something that only applies to girls; we also expect our men to look good. If he smells like Greek God and has a well-groomed beard he is automatically in the game, right? 


2- It Boosts The Chemistry


We are more likely to be all over someone physically if they smell good for example. No one wants to cuddle with someone who smells like a trash bag. We all want a partner who looks good; we all want a partner who looks good for us


We tend to neglect our looks when we’re with someone for a while, and this is why we see many relationships go down the drain. We’re not saying that it’s all about the looks and that looks make or break a relationship. We’re saying that there’s a correlation between physical appearance and the level of chemistry in a relationship. 


Don’t mistake this for not being yourself around your partner, or feeling comfortable with them. The golden words here are hygiene and maintenance.


3- It Boosts The Confidence


One of the oldest rules in the book is “look good, feel good”. We can’t say it enough because it’s true.


For instance, exercise and working out boosts happy hormones and have been scientifically proven to enhance self-esteem and confidence. When you have high self-esteem, you’re less likely to be insecure when someone flirts with your partner and you’re less likely to pick a fight.

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Moreover, being confident is the sexiest thing you can ever wear. Confidence makes you shine brighter and makes you carry your body beautifully!


Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can lead you to sabotage a good relationship, and it can lead you to settle for partners who are not good for you. 


Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty


1- Take care of your skin: We’re not born with perfect silky skin, but we’re responsible for taking good care of it. Don’t complain about not having baby butt skin if you don’t wear and reapply your sunscreen, and sleep with your makeup on! 


2- Your hair is your crown: Embrace your natural hair and take care of it. Ladies, remember that dry shampoo isn’t a substitute for washday. We do want you to shine, but that doesn’t mean you let hair oils shine brighter than the sun.


3- It’s all about your posture: You are not the Hunchback of Notre Dame; keep your back straight and your chin up! Good posture indicates confidence, and we all know that confidence is another word for sexy. 


4- Drink your water: Dehydrated skin can make you look ten times older. Trust us, after you see the results of drinking water, every trip to the bathroom will be worth it! Not only does water affect your skin, but it also affects your body and organs. Drinking water is correlated with losing weight and feeling fuller. Coconut water works wonder too!.

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5- Do your toenails: Did you know that several studies have shown that the first thing a guy notices is your toenails? Apparently, it indicates that you’re taking good care of yourself. You can’t have freshly painted toenails 24/7; however, you should at least try to keep them clean. 


Do your toenails


6- Do your brows: The brows are right there at the top of your face, and it’s what anyone would notice when they look you in the eyes. If you still can’t decide what’s the best shape for your brows, go to a beauty salon. Sadly, not all of us can rock the bushy and natural eyebrow look.


7- Dress up for the part: When actors are performing a play, one of the most important elements is the customs. Customs make the actor’s part believable. Keep this in mind when you go on your next shopping spree! Your clothes are a big indicator of your personality and what you like wearing reveals so much about your traits. Rule of thumb: Clean and ironed clothes will do the trick!


8- Food for the soul: Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential in looking good. Always remember that beauty starts from within. Sorry to break it down to you, but you’re not going to have the perfect skin and body if you don’t eat your fruits and veggies.

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