Does waxing reduce hair growth over time?

If you’ve ever tried shaving, you must be familiar with the prickly feeling that comes along with it. Sometimes, it would feel like my legs have grown thorns and I can’t seem to put one leg over the other without feeling like I’ve been stung by a bee. Not to mention the itchy and irritated skin that you get after shaving. Is it even humanly possible for hair to grow back the very same evening? 


I was physically scared of bumping into someone else because my arm’s hair could cut through their skin. The hair was thick, coarse, and it was here to stay!


I found it difficult to maintain a daily shaving routine, especially with my busy working schedule and hectic lifestyle. So, a friend of mine suggested waxing. Yes, waxing can be painful, especially when you’ve never tried it before, but it works like magic.


Waxing can be an excellent alternative method for those who want to see longer-lasting results, because who has the time to conduct a shaving ritual every single day?  


Waxing removes the hair from its root and weakens the hair follicles. This process, when repeated over time, will eventually make the hair softer, easier to remove, and less likely to grow back.


Not only that, but waxing has other potential benefits that you could reap, which will be discussed thoroughly in this article.


1- Gives You Baby Smooth Skin


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You will never know what I’m talking about unless you’ve tried it! Do you know how you have this rough skin and weird-looking tiny bumps all over your body?


Well, waxing reveals the skin underneath your skin. This is mainly because waxing will give your skin a gentle exfoliation. Waxing will get rid of all the dead skin cells because it strips off a layer of your skin. 


When I got my first wax, I was amazed! This is not my skin, these are not my legs. I was amazed to have baby skin! Who knew that underneath all the cuts, bruises, and the tiny red bumps I have smooth skin?


2- Say Goodbye To Inflamed Skin


Say Goodbye To Inflamed Skin


Even the most careful one of us will eventually end up with a few cuts every now and then. Your skin will be subject to dirt and sweat throughout the day and it might end up slightly inflamed. And we are all guilty of scratching our skin, which will make the inflammation worse.


Not only that, but did you know that the repeated act of shaving could lead to chronic skin inflammation? This is mainly caused by the friction from the razor.


Who here is not guilty of using the same razor again and again? Yes, we tend to overuse our razors, which can be the most horrible thing we could do for our skin. This is your reminder to throw out your old razor that’s been sitting here since the 8th grade.

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3- Kiss Your Ingrown Goodbye


Ingrown hair is when the hair follicle grows back underneath your skin. So instead of making its way through the skin, it decides to curl back and stay below. This process irritates your skin which makes it produce tiny red bumps or even pimples.


When you shave, you only remove hair on the surface of your skin. Meanwhile, waxing removes the hair from its follicle and makes it grow back lighter and softer, which will greatly decrease the chances of your hair curling up. 


Bonus tip: Exfoliating your skin a couple of days before your wax appointment will make you even less prone to getting those nasty ingrown hairs.


4- You’re Saving Time 


It can take you up to 15 minutes to conduct a shaving ritual every time you shower. Can you imagine taking that time for yourself instead of wasting it on useless shaving?


Not to mention, the major clothing decision you have to consider if you miss a day or two of shaving. You can spend hours looking at your closet and contemplating on what to wear so the hair wouldn’t show.


Meanwhile, waxing can last you up to 6 weeks! You don’t have to worry about dedicating the time to shave or changing your whole outfit because you didn’t have the time to shave.


5- No More Itchy Skin


Shaving irritates your skin and makes it more likely to itch. Did you forget that shaving is the act of removing the hair using a blade so close to your skin?

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How did we ever normalize this? Using a blade on your skin every single day must irritate the skin and make you scratch it out!


No More Itchy Skin


If done correctly, waxing doesn’t irritate the skin that much. Plus, you’re only doing it once every 4 to 6 weeks. So, even if your skin gets irritated by waxing, it’s only irritated just this one time instead of getting irritated every single day.


Who is recommended to use waxing instead of shaving?


It’s honestly a personal choice and it greatly depends on your skin and how it reacts to both methods. Some people swear by shaving and don’t grow their hair back the very same day- aren’t they lucky? 


However, waxing is more recommended for people with thick, coarse, and curly hair. People with curly hair are more prone to getting ingrown hair and more likely to grow hair back faster.


I have big curly hair and waxing was the best decision I ever made for my skin. For me, waxing means that I don’t have to worry about shaving every day and I don’t have to plan my outfits in advance.


Moreover, it depends on your schedule. If you’re a busy bee, waxing is a great alternative. You only have to worry about it once a month!

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