How Can I Improve My Life In 6 Months

Improving your life requires you to step out of your comfort zone; it demands you to be intimate with change. Don’t expect to improve your life if you spend your days eating Takis in your bed while binging on Netflix. Don’t expect to enhance your life’s quality if you wouldn’t eat lunch unless somebody else made it, aka Taco Bell.


Improving your life includes building healthier habits that slowly pave the way to becoming a better person. It requires consistency, and consistency takes the form of habits that we adopt daily. 


If you want to improve your life you have to be willing to put in the effort. It won’t happen overnight and it’s not going to be a piece of cake. If you really commit, you will see results and when you see these results, it’s going to become very addictive. 


So, enjoy the journey, embrace the process, and have faith in yourself.


So, how can you improve your life in 6 months? 


1- Ditch The Toxic Company


Who are your friends? Who do you hang out with?


If all you hang out with are losers who want to play video games, drink alcohol, pass out in the club, then don’t expect yourself to improve anytime soon!


There’s a golden saying that’s as old as time: “You are who you hang out with”. If you hang around losers, you’re one of them. If you hang out with people who are constantly putting you down and who want you to stay low with them, you’re always going to be at a low level with them.

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And yes, this includes your “friends” who enjoy gossiping. Gossiping is nasty and it lowers your vibration and chances are that if they gossip with you, they gossip about you! 


Hang around people who you want to become more like. Hang out with people who are constantly looking for ways to better themselves. Hang out with people who feed you positive energy. Look for people who push you forward and who get happy for your success. 


2- Exercise, Exercise, Exercise




Just like you need to flush toxic people out of your life, you also need to flush toxins from your body. 


Moreover, working out gives you daily momentum to succeed in life. Look at all the millionaires, one way or another, they all have one thing in common: They move their bodies. 


Exercising doesn’t revolve around losing those extra 10 pounds or shedding that extra fat; it’s about being conscious enough about your bodily needs and taking care of your body. If you can’t take care of your body, don’t expect yourself to care for anything else in your life.


Start slow then build up. Find what you enjoy the most. Some people like running, some people like vigorous HIIT exercises. Doing something that you enjoy will increase the likelihood of sticking and becoming a habit.


3- Reflect On Your Bad Habits


Guess what? We all have bad habits; we’re human. That’s okay as long as they don’t hinder you from becoming a better version of yourself.

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What is your bad habit?


Is it spending every last penny you have? Is it binge eating while watching Netflix? Is it destroying every good relationship you have? Is it gossiping?


If all you do is spend rent money on a Michael Kors bag, eat Burger King for dinner every day, spend your time gossiping and depicting other people’s flaws, you’re always going to stay at the lowest of the pyramid. 


In order to break bad habits, you need to realize them first. You need to come clean to yourself before you can actually make some kind of improvement.


If you still believe that trashing your friends behind their backs is okay, then you need to snap out of it.


4- Find Your Passion At Life  


What do you enjoy doing? What gives comfort to your soul? What makes you wake up every single day?


Is it drawing? Is it poetry? Is it sports? 


We all have our weaknesses and strengths; but, what are your strengths? What is that one thing that you can do really well?


If you still haven’t figured that out, then you need to start soul searching. Because doing the one thing that you enjoy will give you pleasure each and every day. It will make you a better person and it will give you your dream life. 


5- What You Eat Matters


You can deny it if you want to, but you know that this is true.

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Junk food consists of bad hormones and it upsets your tummy as well as your brain. In addition, it often leaves you feeling full and lazy that you’re unable to do anything after consuming it.


In contrast, good foods are not only food for your body, but it’s food for your soul. If you don’t care what you feed your body, don’t expect to improve your life any time soon.


Try this challenge: Try eating five fruits and veggies of different colors daily for one month. Let me know how you feel after that. I bet that you will start feeling and looking like a different person. 


What You Eat Matters


6- Don’t Be A People’s Pleasure


Not all people are going to like you. You can be the best person you can be and you can treat them with nothing but love and they still wouldn’t like you. 


A gentle reminder: If you chase after people and not goals, you’re gonna lose. Don’t ask for love, don’t chase it, don’t demand it; if it’s not there, you can’t force it.

In addition, If you can’t say “no”, you can’t commit to your goals or to yourself. For instance, you can choose to not answer the phone when your toxic friend calls to nag for hours and hours about everything and everyone. You don’t have to please them!

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