How Long Does It Take To Get a Thigh Gap?

This question seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, sadly the answer to it is pretty complicated. You have to take a lot of factors into account to even start to find the right time frame!


Here we’ll talk about some of the things to take into consideration when determining how long it will take—and if it’s possible—for you to get a thigh gap. 


First off, what’s your bone structure like?


The very first thing to consider when trying to get a thigh gap is if it’s even possible for your body type. Take a look at your body in the mirror.


How wide are your hips? How far apart are your legs spaced?


How wide are your hips


If you bend forward and push your hips back, can you make a space between your thighs? These are all good things to know.


If you have a naturally wide pelvis and legs spaced further apart, it will be easier for you to get a thigh gap. If you can make a space between your thighs when angling your hips, that’s also another sign it may be possible for you to get one. 

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It’s really important to know that some people, no matter how much weight they lose, will never have a thigh gap. There’s no way around it!


A big part of what makes a thigh gap possible is bone structure and fat distribution on your body. Some people, even when dangerously underweight, simply won’t have a thigh gap.


Some people, even at a decently high weight, naturally have a thigh gap. There’s no magic “fix” for genetics that don’t give you a thigh gap. 


Second, what’s your starting weight and your end goal weight?


Setting a realistic, maintainable goal weight is key for not only getting a thigh gap but also being able to keep it. Knowing where you start your diet and where you want to maintain your weight is important if you specifically want to slim down any part of your body, including your thighs. You can’t target fat loss on any area of your body; fat loss happens all over! 


It’s also good to know your weight to know when you’ll get a thigh gap for obvious reasons. If you start at a high weight, it will usually take longer to achieve a thigh gap. If you’re at a moderate or low weight, you’ll have less weight to lose to get a thigh gap, so it’ll take less time. 


Third, what kind of diet and exercise regimen are you following? How strict is it?


What you eat and how you move your body are two other things with significant impact on how long it will take to get a thigh gap. More exercise and a decent calorie deficit will help you lose weight more quickly, but be warned—the faster you lose weight, the faster you’ll gain it back if you stop your diet or have cheat days or weeks.

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A slow and steady calorie deficit with a moderate amount of exercise is the best way to lose weight, but it will make it take longer to get the thigh gap you want. Weight loss is a commitment, and for many people it includes big lifestyle changes, too.


Eating healthy, or in a calorie deficit regardless, will help you lose weight. This article isn’t about that, but you can find many valuable resources and websites about weight loss all over the Internet! Make sure it’s a trusted source and your calorie deficit isn’t too big. 


And finally, what’s the difference between how long it CAN take and how long it SHOULD take?


This is another warning against drastic dieting. It might make your thigh gap come faster, but that comes at the cost of your physical, mental, and emotional health. For someone at a moderate weight, getting a thigh gap might take months or even weeks, but a small deficit and moderate exercise could make it closer to a few months.


For someone at a high weight, it could take as long as years. It’s up to you to implement healthy small changes to your life to encourage weight loss at a moderate pace. 


When all else fails, try some quicker fixes than losing weight! 


Don’t feel like spending a lot of time and energy to get a natural thigh gap? There are a couple of ways you can get a thigh gap (or create the illusion of one) without losing weight! 


TIP 1: Shapewear. Are you genetically almost unable to get a thigh gap? Or do you just not feel like putting in any effort? That’s relatable and just fine!

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There are pieces of shapewear that exist to slim your thighs, not just your stomach. Make sure to try it on and make sure it works for you before buying!


TIP 2: Toning exercises. Even if you don’t lose weight, some people can achieve a thigh gap by toning their inner thigh muscles! Working out your whole body with a focus on your inner thighs between one to three times per week can help you achieve this. 


TIP 3: Dark, right clothing. The right pair of jeans can give you a little thigh gap! Make sure they fit well on you, especially in your thigh area. You might just be surprised how well it works! 


wear dark and right clothing



Hopefully this was helpful in determining how long it will take you to get a thigh gap! Your next step should be doing some research into weight loss or other options, whatever works best for you. Good luck!

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