How To Add Value To Your Relationship

Before modern technology came intruding, relationships used to be way simpler than this. There was nothing like the rush of getting a letter in the mail and it’s nothing close to “waiting for a text” from the guy you like.


There was nothing like the rush of accidentally running into your crush somewhere because you weren’t busy online stalking them so you could “accidentally” run into them. It just made every encounter meaningful and relationships had more value. 


Value in the relationship is measured by the level of honesty, trust, commitment, and understanding between both parts of the relationship. If you can genuinely say that this person feels like home, then your relationship is made of gold. If you feel safe with the other person and if you feel like you trust them without having to stalk their social media account, then your relationship has great value.


With that being said, how can you add value to your own relationship?


1- Put Your Phone Down


Moments pass by as we are not present in those precious wasted moments. Nowadays, we basically live on our phones!


It’s a relatively small device, yet it has control all over us. The sad reality is that our phones are our brains, hearts, and souls and we can’t even see how wrong that is!

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Put Your Phone Down


For instance, when you doubt your boyfriend, you “google” the problem instead of actually facing him. What we’re not aware of is that we let our phones dictate our every move in a relationship.


If Google tells you it’s time for your relationship to go to the next level, you immediately feel the pressure that you need to take it to the next level. If it’s your anniversary, you don’t bother your brain with coming up with genuine anniversary gift ideas…you have Google to brainstorm for you. Nothing comes out from our hearts anymore! 


2- Practice Your Listening Skills


We’re all guilty of this: Someone else is talking and you’re just sitting there thinking of what to reply. You would be rehearsing your lines in your mind without actually listening to what the other person is trying to say to you.


Practice your listening skills: Listen without interpreting, ask questions to make sure you understand completely what they’re saying, listen without judgment, and just try to be engaged in the words coming out of their mouths.


We often miss the raw truth because we’re simply not listening; they could be telling you that they love you and you missed it because you weren’t listening. They could be telling you that they need you but you were too busy thinking of what to say next. 


3- You Don’t Have To Be Right


Sometimes we let our egos get in the way of having a relationship with value. We care about being “right” more than anything else during an argument and we don’t realize how our pride can damage good relationships.

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You don’t always have to be right and you don’t always have to take that trophy back home with you. Pride can hurt your relationship and make it lose all sorts of value. 


Moreover, you don’t have to tell someone “I told you so”, just because they failed to listen to the advice you just gave. If you tell that person “you should have just listened to me and none of this would have happened”, your relationship will be seriously wounded. Remember that you’re not always right and even if you happen to be right, you don’t have to rub it in the other person’s face.


4- Practice Honesty


Honesty is one of the greatest pillars in any kind of relationship. If you lose honesty, you will automatically lose trust and that feeling of security.


If you lose honesty, it’s only a matter of time before you lose the relationship. At this point, your relationship will be poisonous and it just won’t feel safe anymore. 


Honesty is one of the greatest pillars in any kind of relationship


Honesty is being sincere in your actions and reactions. Honesty is when your words match your actions.


Honesty is when you tell the truth even though it might be ugly. Honesty can save your relationship and make the bond grow stronger. Honesty nurtures respect and reflects maturity. 


For instance, if you could just simply tell your partner that they made you feel bad when they did this and that, it would save you a great deal of pain. Don’t secretly hate on them and treat them with the silent treatment.

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Don’t stop answering their calls or responding to their texts because they accidentally upset you. Be mature and tell them where they went wrong. 


Keeping the truth to yourself would only create this snowball effect that could lead the relationship to its own doom. You could be walking around holding that grudge and you might be encouraged to do wrong things just out of spite.


5- Realize The Power Of Positive Talk


Sometimes, all we need to hear is that we’re doing a great job. Sometimes, all we want to hear is that we are beautiful. And sometimes, all we need to learn is that we are loved


We often fail to comprehend just how important words are. If you want to have a relationship with value, then consider the words coming out of your own mouth.


Consider what these words sound like and how they impact the other person. The truth is embedded in the old-time saying “words are mightier than the sword”.


If you commit to saying intentionally positive words, your relationship will bloom with value! However, if the words you utter are filled with hatred and negativity, your relationship will lose all sorts of value and will eventually die. 

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