How to Attract the Right Kind of Man for Marriage

You should not assume that being culturally old enough for marriage automatically qualifies you to interest the right kind of man for marriage. 


Many other elements need to be set in motion. These elements not only pull the right kind of people to you but also sets you apart to attract the man of your dreams. 


Girl, to be frank, attracting Mr Right is not a walk in the park. I am not referring to the mere physical attraction that drives every man crazy and makes them want to be around you. I am referring to a deep connection that pulls to you, the man you truly want.


Six Ways To Attract The Right Kind of Man for Marriage


Clarify your value system:


Be sure of what you want, what you can do to get it and what you will never do no matter the situation. This may sound tough but it is the first step to attracting the right kind of man for marriage.


Imbibe good values such as integrity, courage, dependability, optimism and kindness. If you want these values in a man, then you need to have them too. No one wants to attract someone with a questionable value system.


If you battle with thoughts about whether you want marriage or not, face it and make up your mind. You need to be sure you want marriage. This will make it easy to pull towards yourself a man who wants marriage too. It will also help you identify men who do not want marriage and avoid wasting your time building relationships with them.

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Get a Life:


Get a Life


You sincerely need to have a life before another person gets invited into it. Some people live life in a haze and expect to attract someone into a life they don’t even understand. 


I am not saying you must have everything figured out. At least have goals, aspirations and if possible an occupation. Have something that you do or desire.


Think about it; how easy is it for you to be with someone who does not know what they want?


When you get a life, you attract people who want that kind of life and you make it easy to be identified. It provides a good avenue for conversation or common ground to kick start a relationship.


Be presentable:


It is natural for us to be pulled towards well-groomed people. Neat clothes, tidy hairdo, clean nails, good posture, pleasant smell, a smile provides a welcoming aura that every man needs. 


Learn to be presentable and consciously work towards it. Men want a woman they can show off to their friends, family and colleagues.


You make it easy to be identified when you are presentable and you also leave a good impression in the mind of the right man.


Know your style. Make your hair or get a haircut and be creative with it. Painstakingly take care of little details that you think may not matter. Wear good clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories and look pretty.


Good personal hygiene puts you in the right frame of mind and makes you confident enough to interact with others and attract the right kind of man for marriage. 

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Keep Good Friends:


Your circle of influence generally helps you attract the right kind of man for marriage. Hence, it is important to have good friends who share similar values with you and who create a good support system for you. 


The right kind of man for marriage will be comfortable around good friends which improves the chances of marriage. It is okay to carefully examine the people you call your friends to make sure they are the right friends for you.


If you have friends that are the opposite of what you want to attract then you need to work on creating a better circle of influence for yourself. The right kind of man for marriage will not survive the wrong environment or atmosphere.


Be assertive:


If you want marriage, you have to request marriage. You may not be able to explicitly spell it out so you don’t appear desperate. However, you need to provide clear and honest statements about what you want so everyone around you has an idea of what you stand for.


You should be honest about how you feel and not just what a man wants to hear or what you think will manipulate a man into marriage. It saves you a lot of heartaches when you are confident enough to communicate your thoughts.


Be at peace with yourself and others:


Be at peace with yourself and others


This naturally sets you apart and helps you attract the right kind of man for marriage. Being at peace shows you are not easily triggered by any wind of unwholesome thoughts or troublesome people. 

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It involves letting go of what may have happened in the past with all the wrong men so that it does not hinder you from attracting the right man for marriage. It also helps to channel your energy towards activities that attract the right man for marriage.


The right kind of man for marriage wants a peaceful wife who can also be a solace from the chaos of the world. Having a peaceful disposition not only within you but with others will help you attract the right kind of man for marriage.


Most of what happens outside us stem from what goes on inside us. You should work on your mind to starve negative thoughts and feed positive thoughts. With your mind, you pull towards you what you want.


When you are certain about your values, you have something good going on with your life, you appear spick and span, at peace with yourself and others and have a good circle of influence; it puts you at a vantage point to attract the right kind of man for marriage.


More importantly, being the right person for marriage will attract the right kind of man for marriage.

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