How To Be Alone Without Being Lonely

There’s nothing in the world more gruesome than having to be alone when you don’t enjoy your own company; it can feel terribly lonely. You can’t seem to hush the loud voices in your head, and your mind is racing with intrusive thoughts that consume the best of you. 


However, when you have inner peace and when you genuinely trust yourself, being alone can be such a magical time that you would yearn for! When you enjoy your own company, you will cherish the time you have to spend alone with yourself; it’s your quality time!


This is very similar to hanging out with other people: If you like the person you’re hanging out with, you will enjoy your time together and look forward to your next hangout.


However, if you don’t like the person you’re hanging out with, you will be counting seconds to get away from their toxic vibes. So, don’t expect to find happiness in being alone if you don’t like your own company. How could you stand to hang out with someone you dislike?

That’s why you need to learn to love yourself; you need to learn how to be your self’s best friend. We are here to show you how to be alone without being lonely.


1- Treat Yourself Like You Would Treat A Lover


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Do you know how we go out of our way to help the people we love? We’re voluntarily willing to go above and beyond for them, right? Well, why don’t you treat yourself like you would treat a lover?


Treat yourself like you’re a delicacy that needs attention. Our concept of self-care differs from one person to another. One person finds love in eating heart-warming foods; one person finds love in pampering their bodies with self-care rituals; another person finds love in taking a plane to another country.


Find your kind of love that would rock your world and create your own self-care rituals that would fit your size. Scrub your body, exfoliate your skin, travel the world, try exotic foods, bake that cake, learn that language…just do whatever you have to do to feel the love!


The minute you start treating yourself, the world will seem like a colorful place that has its arms open wide for you!


2- Find Your Passion In Life


Finding your passion means that your day will be filled with activities that make your heart happy. It means that you’re not only existing here just to let time pass by; you’re actually living. 


Find Your Passion In Life


Finding your passion will give you a sense of fulfillment and a sense of purpose. It will make you cherish your time alone because it means that you have the time to do what you like doing.


Finding your passion will color your time with glorious bright colors that make you sing. Passion will make your time meaningful and alone time means quality time with your passion!

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3- Tune In To Your Environment 


Truth is, human beings are social creatures no matter what. We need each other and we need to feel the “connection” to feel alive.


However, at one point throughout our lives, we ride this journey solo; it might be due to a breakup, long-distance relationship, or whatever reason that makes us end up physically alone. 


To avoid feeling lonely in such cases, it can feel good to connect to your surroundings. Have a cup of tea on your balcony, the sounds coming from the streets will somehow make you feel connected.


Or, you can go out to a coffee shop and just tune in to your surroundings; this will also make you feel connected. If all else fails, take a walk and ground your body in nature. Nature has a magical way of making us feel connected to something even bigger than us.


4- Consider Adopting A Pet


If you’re still unable to sit alone by yourself, or you feel like you’re not emotionally there yet, you might consider getting a pet. 


Having a pet will make you feel like you have companionship. Even though pets can’t talk, it would be great if they could, their presence will comfort you. Imagine that feeling you get when your pet snuggles you and takes a nap on your lap? 


In fact, it has been proven that owning a pet can improve your mental health and it can decrease your stress levels. 

Our pets need us and we need them as well. You will give them a warm home and a full plate and they will give you a full heart!

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5- Take Control Of What You Can


Take Control Of What You Can


There are things that we can never control in our lives; you can’t control the weather, you can’t control how someone feels about you; you can’t control inevitable change, and you can’t control the world.


So take control of what you can; this will give you a sense of control over your life and it will decrease your feelings of powerlessness. Moreover, it will give you a sense of pride and increase your feelings of self-worth. You will start feeling like you can manage yourself and that you trust yourself to be alone. 


What you can control is the cleanliness of your environment. You can also control the type of food you put into your body and how you move your body.


You can control the type of energy you surround yourself with because surrounding yourself with negative energy will bring you down furthermore. You can control the type of content that you see, for instance, spending your day scrolling through social media platforms will only increase your feelings of loneliness and loss of accomplishment.

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