How to fix a boring long distance relationship

Plenty of people know how tough it is to maintain a good long distance relationship! Whether it’s because you met online and live far apart, a job or education called one of you away, or countless other scenarios, many relationships have to stand the long distance test.


Don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to spice up your everyday dialogue with each other and get to know each other even more deeply. Read on to learn how!


Have a set schedule for talking or video chatting


Have a set schedule for talking or video chatting



This is a really good idea especially for couples who have demanding jobs or not a lot of free time. Having a part of your daily routine built around your significant other always gives you something to look forward to.


What that looks like is up to the two of you. It could be “good morning” and “good night” texts with a little conversation on the side. it could be a scheduled video call at a specific time every night. It could be a voice call on a social media platform. Whatever form it takes, make sure you both give it your full attention and show care for each other’s time.


If that’s starting to become boring after doing it for so long, switch it up! You could fill out quizzes together or do personality tests while on the call.

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You could have one of you read from a book or ask riddles. You could find an app that lets you play games side by side.


You could serenade each other with your best (or worst) karaoke songs. Put in that effort to make it fun! You’ll both benefit in the end.


Send each other gifts, surprises, or handwritten letters.


It’s always nice to get something in the mail you weren’t expecting! Sending your partner a gift through the mail is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do in a long distance relationship.


You could buy them something they’ve been wanting for a long time but haven’t gotten for themselves, like an item off a wishlist of theirs. Or you could make a care package with their favorite movies, candy, a cute poem, or any number of other things.


If it’s spontaneous and you don’t tell them, so much the better! Almost everyone would love a surprise like a care package, even if they don’t normally enjoy most other surprises. And if you just can’t keep it a secret, tease it out and don’t tell them exactly what’s in the package!


Not having the money for that sort of thing is its own challenge, and is completely understandable too. In that case, sending each other thoughtful letters or poems in a regular envelope is an inexpensive and kind way to surprise a long distance partner.


Decorate it with stickers or stationary, add small tokens or items that would make it through screening, and sign it with a kiss! Your partner will absolutely love a letter from you. Maybe that’s a good reason to take up calligraphy and make the letter look pretty too!

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Find a hobby or activity you can do at the same time, even if you’re separated.


Tap into both of your interests to find something you both enjoy! It can be as simple as a game of Two Truths and a Lie once a week, or complex as cooking fancy meals while on the phone.


If you like video games, find one to play together. If you’re both athletic, do a workout at the same time or do meal prep.


You could even find a book to read at the same time, or listen to the same podcast! The possibilities are almost endless. Just make sure it’s something you both like, and if you can’t settle on one or both have very different interests, pick two of them to share—one for each of your interests!


Also discuss whether you’ll be doing your activity while on the phone or a video call with each other, or if you’ll do it separately and at different times, and then come back and talk to each other about it. Different hobbies would lend differently to that decision.


Reading a book together might be a little boring, but if you like spending time together without talking, that might be perfect. Doing a workout together might be embarrassing, depending on your personality! Make sure to talk it out before settling on your shared activity.


Try out some spicier options for communicating.


Plenty of long distance relationships keep the spark going by getting a little frisky now and again! As always, have an honest discussion about your boundaries in that area before doing anything, because you don’t want to go a little too far and make the other uncomfortable by accident.

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Once that’s done, though, a whole new side of long distance relationships opens up! You could use texting, phone calls, or video calls to talk to each other.


You could send each other a picture that could be either silly or sexy—the other won’t know until they open it! You could try on clothes or lingerie for each other.


There are so many possibilities, especially with technology advancing the way it is. Go crazy and have fun!


Set up a time, even if it’s very distant, to plan to meet up.


plan to meet up



If after putting in some effort, the two of you are still bored in the relationship, we all know there’s no substitute for holding the person you love and spending time with them physically. That’s why if you’re still both pretty bored, starting to plan to see each other is a surefire way to get you both excited!


Even if that time period is looking a little long, even years away, it’s still something to be happy about and look forward to. Plus finding cheap plane or bus tickets is like a game these days, because the prices sometimes change depending on when you plan to leave and the day of the week you look at the prices!


Do some of that preliminary planning together; it’s really fun, and you’ll get to look forward to seeing each other too!

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