How to Get Him to Be Interested in Me Again

Have you ever gotten that gut feeling that something just wasn’t right in your relationship? You could just feel it in your heart something dreadful was wrong and then it happens… The Big break up! 


The best thing that could happen would be to always keep that interest going. Now, this takes a lot of work and commitment. 


This can work even if it is one sided. Struggling relationships current or past can stay connected or reconnect to find fulfillment and enjoy lasting happiness. 


We all know that we want what we can’t have! 


If you want to get him back interested in you again I got the inside scoop for you! 


It doesn’t matter if it has been a month or even 2 years you can make it happen with these tips. 


At first, just give him some space. He may need some time to get his thoughts together. All men need space. Maybe he needs to get out and do some guy stuff with his friends. 


Let him have sometime to start missing you. If he tries to contact you, don’t respond right away. Make him wait a little and wonder what you are doing and why you didn’t answer right back! 


Here are the Tips 


Tip #1 Dress up & Show up 


  • Put on those sexy clothes you know he loves to see you in. 
  • Make yourself shine for him but don’t let him know it. 
  • Just casually make a point to run into him whenever you can. Maybe once or twice a week.
  • Smile, be cordial and friendly then keep going. 
  • Don’t engage in much conversion. 
  • Let him think you have moved on. 
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Tip #2 Text Message Him 


Text Message Him 


  • After you have run into him a few times, send him a short text. Wait for his reply. 
  • Tell him he sure did look good when you saw him the other day and you hope he is doing good. 
  • Wait for him to reply. 
  • He should reply with something unless he is a total A-hole. When he does reply, mention that maybe you guys could meet for coffee or lunch sometime and see how it goes. 
  • If you get no reply, give it sometime at least you have him thinking about you. 


Tip #3 Retext in 2 Weeks 


  • After 2 weeks, text again and say Hey, you know I sure do miss those sexy eyes of yours and that smile just melts my heart! (add some cute emojis) 
  • Wait for a reply. 
  • Once he replies and you start talking you will get that spark back that you have been looking for! 

Now, if the Texting Method’s do not work, have no fear and never give up! There is a solution for you and we will find it. 




Play Hard to Get: 


If you see him, ignore him. 

Yes that’s right, ignore him! 

Don’t text him. 

Don’t call him.

Let him make the next move. 

Guys like a challenge! 


Flirt with other Guys: 

  1. Why not you haven’t made any commitments? 
  2. He might just get a little jealous. 
  3. Could be fun. 


Flirt with other Guys


Start Going to the Gym: 


  1. Get that body looking good so he can’t resist you! 
  2. Build up your confidence. 
  3. Set some goals. 
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Work on your Hobbies: 


  1. Keep yourself busy. 
  2. Don’t neglect what you like to do. 
  3. Start a new project. 


Show your Confidence & Independence: 


  1. Update your look. 
  2. Spend more time with family and friends. 
  3. Post some cute pictures of yourself doing something fun. 


Once you have got your man’s attention you will want to keep him by making sure that his mind is re-programmed. When I say re-programmed I am talking about his emotions.


Did you know it takes 8 positive encounters to get rid of one negative? You want to replace the negative feelings he may have towards you with positive ones.


Here’s how to build those new positive connections that will have your man wanting more and more from you!


How to Make Him Interested for Good 


Say his name often in a seductive way. 

Keep him guessing about what kind of wild and crazy idea you will come up with next.

Touch him unexpectedly to surprise him in a sensual way. 

Make sure to always dress nice and cute. Keep your hair and make-up looking good. 

Give your man compliments and show respect. 

Remind him of good times that you have shared. 

Give him his own space to do his own thing with his friends. Be sure to smell good at all times and it will stay with him. 

Bake for him brownies, cookies or any kind of homemade treats. Yes he will love it! 

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Be just a little bit hard to get. 

Let him set up dates. 

Stay busy with your life. 

Be mysterious. 

Be fun to be around. 

Listen to him attentively. 

Don’t throw yourself at him. 


Once you have an indicator that your man is missing you “Snap” them fingers girl. You are on your way to having your dreams come true. 


This is showing that he has developed a deeper connection on a more emotional level. 


It means he is thinking about you, wondering where you are, what you’re doing and how you feel about him. 


It’s a sure sign that he is invested in you and the relationship shared between you at whatever stage it may be in. 


You have to trigger his deepest emotions. Really connect to him. You should be able to feel the bond between you. It should not just be about sex. 


There is an energy, a closeness that you feel when you are together. It will be like nothing you have experienced before.


Your man will want to show you attention. He will be proud to be with you. He will show you off to his family and friends. 


He will tell you he loves you. You can feel it when he looks at you and when he touches you. 


Now, you know how to get that man interested in you and how to keep him interested. You got this!

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