How To Get Over A Summer Fling?

There’s nothing like the rush that comes along with a summer fling: The sand is hugging your body, the sun is caressing your skin, the water is toying with your toes, and that guy has all eyes for you!


What a rush!


It’s easy to fall in love when you’re dancing with this guy around a bonfire. It’s easy to fall in love when a drunken night out turns into a “we won’t sleep until the sun comes up” kind of night. What started as “no strings attached” might easily turn into “I want this to last”


As girls, our minds are physically programmed to remember the tiny details that come along with the memories we experience; it’s harder for us to forget than men. But what if that guy doesn’t want something serious? What if to him that’s only a summer fling and he doesn’t want the hustle and commitment? 


You didn’t think that this summer fling would turn into the greatest love story of all time and that you would live to tell your grandkids about how you met their pops at the beach? 


That being said, how do you get over a summer fling?


In this article, we will give you the “Don’ts” of getting over a summer fling.


1- Don’t Chase Him


When summer is over and done, so is this relationship. You agreed that this is a summer fling with no strings attached.

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Plus, if he wanted to call you, he would’ve done so by now; it’s the 21st century and I’m pretty sure that he’s not waiting for a carrier pigeon to give you the message.  


Don’t go to places that he would go to just to make him see you; he’s not going to change his mind and magically realize that you’re “the one”. Don’t chase his friends and don’t harass his family members. 


I have this friend who canceled her return ticket from Greece just to stay with her summer fling just because she thought he was “the one”. Of course, he had no idea that she did that and when she went knocking on his door, she found him with his wife and kids. Yup, she spent the night hysterically crying and completely heartbroken in Greece. 


2- Don’t Romanticize The Relationship


Summer flings are only flings. Remind yourself that flings are never meant to last and it’s highly unlikely that it will turn into a long-term relationship. Don’t romanticize the fling!


This isn’t a romantic comedy movie where the boy comes chasing you and tells you that “it only took a month to fall in love with you”!


Wake up and stop romanticizing the relationship; it is what it is!


You also have to remind yourself that the first phase of any kind of relationship is full of excitement and pleasure. The beginning phase of any relationship looks like a fling, right? Because you’re still getting to know that person and you don’t see their flaws yet. 

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This is why we get so attached to summer flings; we still didn’t get to experience the bad side and think that this guy is amazing and flawless. 


3- Don’t Black Out


Don’t Black Out


Just because your summer fling didn’t turn into what you would’ve hoped, it doesn’t mean that you have to blackout and turn to alcohol to comfort yourself!


Alcohol is your worst enemy when you’re trying to get over someone or something. Getting drunk will make you call him or even chase him. You never know how it could affect you!


If you do something stupid, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Plus, he’s going to think that you’re crazy and he will live to tell the story to every living thing on the face of the earth! 


Reminder: You’re only going to embarrass yourself if you blackout. If you get drunk and start singing “I will always love you”, chances are that we will be watching your video on Youtube. 


4- Don’t Bottle Up


Truth is, flings can break your heart just like a long-term relationship would. You met this guy and you think he has the potential to become your partner.


You try new things with him, you swim in the ocean for the first time, you ride zip lines with him, and you kiss him like there is no tomorrow. We’re human, we get attached!


Cry about it like you would cry if you broke up with someone you’ve been with for a long time. Talk about it with your friends or write about it in your diary; just do whatever you have to do to get it out of your system in a healthy kind of way.

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You have to process the end of this summer fling just like you should process a breakup. Take care of your body and feed your soul; make some time for yourself and do your self-care rituals.


Remember that bottling up feelings can be exhausting because you will be carrying that extra weight. Moreover, not processing these feelings will make them seem so much worse than they really are.


5- Don’t Miss Out


If you spend the rest of the summer thinking about him, you’re going to miss out! The best summer parties and gigs usually happen at the end of summer. 


summer parties with your boyfriend


Go to that party with your friends, hop on that yacht and have the time of your life. Go watch that football game. Go shopping with your besties and drink champagne for brunch. Go for the road trip you always wanted to go to.


Don’t miss out on things just because you’re hung up on someone that you shouldn’t be hung up on. Summer is a great season and it will not come back before a year!


And don’t be afraid to have summer flings; it’s your opportunity to crush on someone without all the complicated stuff that comes along. 

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