How to get someone back you pushed away

Sometimes, you end up pushing away that one person who really cares about you. This person has nothing but love in their heart for you; this person only wants to be with you and around you. For some reason, you manage to push them away. 


After a while, this person has started giving up on you and on the idea of you as a couple. Truth is, we don’t exactly appreciate what we have until we lose it; we don’t feel the value of this person until they are not here anymore.


Does it seem like your day is lifeless without them in it? Do you miss having someone call you just to ask you what you had for lunch? Do you miss having someone who would go above and beyond for you?


You only now realize how delightful their presence was in your life. You regret treating them like they are insignificant and you want to go back in time when they were all over you. Sadly, you feel like they will never take you back after you pushed them away.


How to get someone back you pushed away?


Below is a guided step-by-step article on what to do to get someone back.


1- You Owe Them An Apology


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Maybe you still owe this person an apology; things can never be the same again if you don’t apologize. Did you ever apologize for the hurt you’ve caused? 


The first step to recovery is admitting what you did was wrong; don’t just say that “you’re sorry” and expect all to be forgiven.


An apology is not only saying “I’m sorry”; an apology is about owning up to your own mistakes and showing remorse that you did what you did. Honestly, it’s all they need to hear!


You will NEVER be able to make someone come back if you still think that nothing was your fault. Apologizing indicates that you have what it takes to rebuild this relationship; it shows that you’ve matured and that you’re willing to change.


2- Communicate Honestly And Effectively


This person would love it if you gave them an explanation; they would kill to know why you made them leave. It’s human nature to want answers and to be curious about “why” you did what you did.


Let them know what was on your mind when you pushed them away. Were you scared that things were moving way too fast? Were you scared that they would walk away so you pushed them away first? Or were you going through something and you just needed to be alone?


Giving them an answer will also give them peace of mind. They got the closure they needed and maybe now there’s room for something new!

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3- Give Them Time And Space


Give Them Time And Space


Give that person a chance to make up their mind; let them think if they truly want to give you another chance. Let them process their feelings; it can be overwhelming for them to finally have that apology they’ve been wanting to hear, and it can be overwhelming to finally have answers to questions they’ve been asking themselves.


What’s fair is fair!


Give them the time to reflect on their thoughts and to heal their wounds. Don’t push them into forgiving you because it will only draw them further away.


4- Rebuild Your Broken Trust


This phase is really about doing what you said you would; it’s about owning up to your own words and promises. It’s the phase that would really show them that you’ve matured. 


All you can do is be there for that person. Try to be around that person as much as possible without invading their personal space. Let them count on you and know that you will never leave them as you did before.


Time will be able to tell them that you’ve become a different person and that they can trust you again.


5- Work On Yourself


Ask yourself this question: “Did I really change or am I willing to say anything just to get them back?”


Don’t even think about getting that person back without doing some actual work on yourself. Have you matured since the last time you’ve been with them? If they get back together with you, will you adopt the same pattern and push them away?

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You don’t want to hurt this person more than once; the first time was more than enough and it will take them some time to fully recover!


Improving yourself can look like this:


  • Owning up to your flaws


Acknowledging your own flaws means that you realize that you’re not perfect but you’re willing to become a better person.


  • Getting over your fears


If you have a fear that you will get hurt by someone you love, you have to let it go! You will never experience love if you’re always pushing people away so they don’t hurt you!


  • Stay away from toxic people


Stay away from toxic people


Negative people will give you bad energy and it will hold you back from becoming the person you’re meant to become. Did you ever consider that toxic people can affect your mindset and will probably keep you from experiencing love? Hurt people only want others to be hurt. Remember, misery loves company!


6- Don’t Overestimate Your Value 


Never overestimate your value to someone! Maybe some people have too much pride to get back with someone who pushed them away. Maybe they won’t take you back because they genuinely believe you will never change and that they deserve someone better.


Don’t count on their forgiveness, because there are people who know what they are worth and won’t tolerate your actions. 


Never assume that someone will forgive you just because they love you! 


However, apologizing and owning up to your own mistakes will give you peace of mind; it will give you the closure you need!

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