How To Know If A Girl Is Hiding Her Feelings And Secretly Wants You

Most girls have been intrinsically taught to let the man do the chasing. This fact is engraved in the unwritten book of rules about how to get and keep the guy.


We are not, by all means, saying that a girl should never go after a guy she likes; we are simply saying that “man” has been programmed to do the hunting and chasing since the beginning of time. Men are biologically wired to conduct the act of hunting! 


This is why a girl could be head over heels someone and she would never come forward. She could be fantasizing about this guy all day long without actually making any effort to let him know.


Naturally, our bodies give us away; our bodies tell the truth that our lips could never utter. However, not all men are capable of deciphering body language. Not all men are capable of reading between the lines and understand the cues when a girl is subtly letting them know. 


You could sometimes feel like she secretly wants you and she has eyes only for you. At other times, you would question yourself and feel intimidated that you might be completely delusional.


While we don’t expect our men to be Sigmund Freud, we expect you to get a clue and understand the hint. We want you to make the first move because we don’t want to come off as being “desperate”.


We want you to come forward because we don’t want to be mistaken about your feelings! Most probably her friends already know about it and they are watching you…just saying! There’s a whole party going on and you’re not invited!

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So, how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you?


1- She Already Cut Off Other Men


When a girl has deep feelings for you, she will cut off all other men in her life. Even if you’re still in the “talking” phase and even if you haven’t made the first move yet, if a girl wants you, she will ignore all other men.


You will not see her hanging with other men, just because she wants you to be sure that she’s only yours and that she has eyes only for you! 


She will stop contacting her ex-boyfriend, you know the one who she keeps checking up on every now and then.


She’s making space in her life for you and she wants you to come and claim this space!


2- She Shares Details About Her Life


She Shares Details About Her Life


There’s no reason for a girl to share private details about her life with you unless she really likes you. It means that she trusts you enough to share these details with you and she wants you to become a part of her life.


If she’s telling you about why she stopped talking to her best friend; if she’s telling you about how she misses having a Christmas spirit; if she’s telling you about how she broke her leg when she was five years old; if she’s telling you about that time she had a fight with her sister, she secretly likes you and wants you!

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Girls’ universal love language is “talk”; the more we talk to you, the more we like you! The more we tell you stuff, the more we trust you! It’s because we want you to be involved and we want to feel closer to you!


3- She Gives You Things


When a girl likes you, she will keep giving you stuff. This is because she is reminded of you everywhere she goes.


She will see this fun lighter when she’s grocery shopping and immediately think that you will like it. Or, she might bake you some cookies just as an act of love!


She wants you to know, one way or another, that she cares about you! She’s not going to be baking you chocolate-chip cookies if she thinks you’re annoying!


If she’s buying you a gift on Christmas, it means she’s invested in you! It doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is, what matters is that she cares enough to let you know.


4- She Keeps In Touch With You


If a girl wants you, she will make sure to stay in touch with you. If she was brave enough to send that first text, it’s your big fat sign that she likes you!


What most men don’t understand is that the way they reply back is a major deal-breaker or maker. If your texts are dry and you barely answer and if you leave her hanging, or worse; if you leave her on “read”…she will never initiate ever again! This is her sign if you like her back or not. 

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When a girl wants you, she would want to know how you’re doing and if you’re still thinking about her the same way she’s thinking about you!


She will keep in touch with you because even if you’re not physically together, she still wants to be around you.


5- She’s Curious About You


When a girl is asking questions about your life, it means she likes you and she wants to know more about you. She wants to know stuff like your dating history and the type of girls you used to have relationships with. She wants to know details about your childhood and every little memory you share with her, which makes her really happy. 


She is Curious About You


She’s not asking all these questions to stalk you or to copy your DNA, she’s asking these questions because she wants to bond with you and get to know you a little bit better. When she’s curious about you, it’s because she actually likes you!

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