How To Make Him Think About You All The Time

It’s common to want a guy to pay you a lot of attention in a relationship! Whether you’ve just started dating him, or you’ve been together for a while and want to make sure you’re on his mind often, you’ve come to the right place.


These may not work for every boyfriend, so tailor your approach to him if you can. Think of what would turn him on and make him want more. Read on for some tips to make him think about you more than he ever has before! 


Be sparing with your time. 


If he asks to hang out, don’t always jump at the chance, even if you really want to! Make a plan to hang out with him, but don’t do it like clockwork.


Ask him to come over out of the blue and plan something fun—See if you can get him excited to spend time with you spontaneously. This tip also leads to the next one, but we mean it here in more of a physical way.


Don’t give him unlimited access to your life and your time. Spend time with your friends and on your own and be purposeful about it. Guys love to see a well-rounded girl with a successful social life—or, at least, the right guy will. 

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Limit the time you hang out as well, especially when your relationship is just starting out. By doing that, you’ll both value and enjoy the time you spend together even more.


Don’t spend days upon days at his place, and if you do, break it up by going out to see friends or going home to make a meal. Spend time doing your hobbies while co-existing with him.


Never be at his beck and call—that’s not healthy even in a relationship as long-term as a marriage! Make your own time a priority no matter where you are and who you’re with. 


Don’t text him too often and don’t be afraid to leave him on read (or turn off read receipts for him). 


Dont text him too often


This also counts as part of being sparing with your time. Don’t let him take over your whole life and schedule from day one. (Don’t let any one thing or person do that anyways, as a general rule for healthy relationships!)


If he’s a quick texter, leave a span of time, whether it’s half an hour to a couple hours, before you reply, especially if you’re busy at work or school. If he’s a slow texter, slow it down even more!


Make sure he knows that you will text back eventually, and you do care, but you’re not about to go out of your way 100% of the time to write back. 


If he says something you don’t feel like replying to, go ahead and leave him on read (unless that might start a fight you don’t want to get into, of course). Let him know you’ll take time and energy to find a good response, or that you simply have bigger priorities than him. 

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Tease him, either in person, over text, or both. 


There’s a reason playing hard to get has a reputation—It’s because sometimes it works! Don’t give him everything all at once is a good rule of thumb, and that applies to time, energy, and attention, as well as romance and satisfaction.


Keep him hanging just a little bit, and tease him in your own unique way, whether through words or spicy photos. Though maybe don’t tease enough to make him mad! (Unless that’s your goal?) It depends on the guy and how close you already are in your relationship. 


Tease him


Just as you’re sparing with your time and texts, be sparing with true romance or heartfelt words, especially when your relationship is just starting out. It makes sense for you two to grow into being more sappy and romantic as time goes on, but start slow! Make him work for it before saying “I love you” or anything like that.


Tease him often. Keep him guessing about you. Most guys love a girl who’s at least a bit of a mystery. 


Leave reminders of you in his environment, whether it’s his house, car, or clothes. 


See if you can find ways to be around without being physically with him! Forget a necklace or hair tie on his bedside table.


Leave an overnight bag at his place. Put sticky notes on his rear view mirror or in his bathroom. 


You can also leave less visual reminders! Or at least more subtle ones.

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Make sure he has your favorite food and drink for you two to share when you come over. Memorize his coffee order and see if he’ll do the same. Spritz your perfume on the clothes you borrow (or steal) before you return them. Let him associate that scent with you and lay it on there! 


The point is to find small, personalized things to scatter around his life, physical or not. Giving him presents to have in his room, car, or office is another good method for this. Don’t give every present with an ulterior motive, of course—but it’s something to keep in mind! 


There are plenty of ways to make him think about you all the time, even if you don’t spend a crazy amount of time together. And as your relationship grows, you two will probably both spend more time together and more time thinking about each other, which is a win-win. Hopefully these tips helped you out, and good luck!

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