How To Make Yourself Look More Attractive For Guys?

One of the biggest lies told in history is that looks are insignificant. Whether we care to admit it or not, we mostly judge a book by its cover.


Who would take a second look if the cover is shabby and dirty, really? You pick up a book because the first thing you see is actually the cover; it caught your eye and you feel intrigued to look inside. 


The same way your looks is the first thing anyone ever sees; it’s your very first impression; it’s your very first chance to reflect what’s inside. So what does your look say about you?


Does it say that you’ve been soaking in your sweat for three days in a row? Does your death-stare tell the world not to approach you?


Or does it say that you’ve put some effort into your appearance? Does your smile invite others to say hello?


Does it look like you know how to take care of yourself? Does it say that you carry your body beautifully? 


We all want to be admired and to be noticed; who doesn’t crave affection? We all want someone to be intrigued to get to know us. It’s only human to want love and adoration; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

So how can you make yourself look more attractive to guys?


1- Improve Your Health


Healthy is beautiful. Being in your top health means that you look ten times better than you already do!


Healthy means radiant skin, composed posture, thick hair, flushed cheeks, and radiant energy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to look and feel healthy. Below are the basic tips for achieving your best health.

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  • Get your beauty sleep


Sleeping boosts the production of collagen, which is the glue that holds your skin together, it also promotes skin rejuvenation. Moreover, sleeping enhances cell turnover and gives your body the needed energy to fix what’s broken and to heal itself. If that’s not convincing, bad sleep quality promotes the growth of the cortisol hormone which can make you eat more and store more fat.


get your beauty sleep

  • Eat a well-balanced diet


A balanced diet means that you eat your veggies and drink your water. A balanced diet nurtures your body and ensures that your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.


Your body is your most valued asset, so make sure you take care of it. If you eat healthily, your skin will look healthy, your body will look its best, and you will have undeniable energy- no one wants someone who’s always drained out of energy and crawls instead of walks.

  • Invest in your hygiene 


Hygiene shouldn’t be only maintained because you want to impress others; hygiene is essential for your overall health as well. Besides, who would want to be with someone who makes the grass go yellow just by the smell of her breath?


Who would want to hold your hand if there’s dirt under your fingernails? Smelling great and looking clean will never go out of style!


2- Improve Your Character 


If he’s one of the good guys, he will also be interested in what’s inside your head. He will appreciate the thoughts you articulate and the ideology you adopt.

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He will also be interested in starting and maintaining a meaningful conversation with you. He will lose interest if he feels like you can’t keep up a deep conversation!


Discussing other people and trashing other girls will never look good on you; it will make you look less appealing. Even if you were the prettiest girl to walk on the face of the earth, you will automatically lose points for trashing others and putting them down.


Being humble and being good to others will make you look more attractive to him. Being a good listener and showing interest in what he has to say will make him even more attracted. 


3- Boost Your Confidence


Nothing will make you look more attractive than a dose of confidence; confidence is sexy. If you see yourself pretty, he’s going to see it too.


If you keep saying that your nose looks big, he’s soon going to believe it and start to look at it exactly the same way you do. A confident woman knows that she’s beautiful.


A confident woman doesn’t compare and contrast herself with others; she knows that she is enough. A confident woman knows that she deserves to be treated with respect. A confident woman expects a man to level up to her game and he knows that.


Below are our tips for radiating with confidence:

  • Make the time for a workout


Workout changes your brain chemicals and teaches you to love your body. Workout boosts your confidence level and your self-esteem because it proves that you’re disciplined and that your body is strong.

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  • Change your mind with affirmations


Affirmation is positive self-talk; it’s telling yourself that you look pretty every day; it’s telling yourself that you’re strong and confident. You might not believe yourself at first, you may even laugh at yourself because you don’t believe the words coming out of your mouth. But, after a while, your brain starts believing these words to be true.

  • Meditation modifies your way of thinking


Meditation modifies your way of thinking


Meditation reassures your mind and calms the noise inside your head. It hushes that inner voice that keeps telling you that you’re not enough or that you will never measure up.


Meditation changes your brain chemicals and boosts your happy hormones. Research has shown that the regular practice of meditation raises your vibrations and taps into confidence that you never knew existed within you!

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