How to stop being boring

Do you feel that your conversations are so dull? Do your interactions feel forced?


Do you feel like you’re slowly conforming into a boring adult who is stuck in a routine? Do you feel that you’re so boring that flowers seem to wither when you pass by?


Do you feel that people easily get bored and they look distracted when they are talking to you? Does it feel like they are trying to escape the conversation and beg for someone to help them?


Do you want people to notice that underneath those layers of boredom, there used to be a fun person who loved living life to the fullest?


This is your reminder to not get stuck in a rut; this is your reminder that life should be exciting! You are not here just to go to school, get a job, pay your bills, get married, have kids, then retire and die.


You are not just walking flesh and blood; you are not here to count days and let time pass by. You are here to live, to prosper, to experience life and love. 


So how to stop being boring?


1- Stop Hogging The Conversation


The art of a conversation seems basic: Initiate, reciprocate, listen and talk. Unfortunately, missing the “listening” part can easily mark someone off as boring.

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People also like talking about themselves; they love sharing stuff. If the conversation seems to revolve only around you, the other part is going to lose interest. 


Not every conversation should revolve around you; not every conversation should celebrate your victories and brag off your accomplishments!


Ask people questions in return, and listen to what they have to say. If you seem interested in their conversation, you will immediately become an interesting person to them.


You will give them a feeling that you care about them and people like that. The minute you start showing interest, you will notice people opening up to you and genuinely enjoy having a conversation with you. 


2- Read The Room


In order not to be a boring person, you need to be able to read the room; you should be able to tell when and what to discuss according to the setting you are in. You need to know what subjects to bring up in a conversation, in a certain time and place. 


For instance, last year, I went to an old friend’s wedding party and it was really good seeing everyone I haven’t seen in over 10 years. I wanted to catch up and see what everyone has been up to. However, the girl who sat next to me talked about Ariana Grande all night long.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Ari; I could listen to her songs all day and all night. But that does not mean that I want to obsessively discuss her life at a wedding party. I was at the party to catch up with old friends, to see the bride’s uncles get drunk, and to catch the flower bouquet.

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3- Nurture Your Inner Child


As we grow older and the days pass by, we gradually lose the inner child within us. It is important to always look out for the child within you; this child is your source of innocence, energy, fun, and spontaneousness.


Children could never be boring! Children say the funniest things and the most random time. They also do the most spontaneous acts of innocence that make them lovable.


Children could never be boring


Try to connect to your inner child. Find time to play. Always question everything and never lose your curiosity. Be courageous and spontaneous. Love people innocently and stop gossiping.


4- Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs 


What is holding you back? What are your limiting beliefs?


Do you have a fear of public speaking? Do you have a fear of closed space and never took a plane in your life?


Have you ever read a good story in your life? Then, how will you ever have something exciting to talk about, if you’ve never experienced it?


Or maybe your limiting belief is your lack of communication. Maybe you’ve traveled the world and done every exotic thing on the face of the earth but you don’t know how to communicate verbally!


Recognize your limiting belief and try to conquer it!


5- Watch Your Words


Words are not just letters and sounds; words are energy and energy spreads. Are you always complaining? Are you always spreading negative vibes? 


People will immediately run in the other direction if all you do is spread bad energy. If all you talk about is bad events happening around the world, or you’re constantly gossiping, people are going to lose interest in you.

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No one wants to hang out with a downer. No one wants to hang out with someone who has the worst things to say!


I had a friend who always seemed to kill the vibe; she was the party pooper. She always managed to discuss horrible events from all over the world at the worst possible times.


Girl, you’re not at a birthday party to discuss sad events; people are here to have some fun and unwind. Truth is, we all want to be able to escape reality every now and then. 


6- Watch Your Tone of Voice


Watch Your Tone of Voice


Back in school, I had this amazing teacher who read every literature book out there and knows every love story in the history of love stories. She had one problem: She had a monotonous voice.


The pitch and intensity of her voice never varied. It was a conversation killer! 


I was a straight “A” student and I genuinely loved learning and going to school. However, I never managed to stay awake throughout her classes because her voice was so monotonous that it made me sleepy, literally. 


It’s a shame that she knew all that amazing stuff but was never able to keep students awake to hear what she has to say.

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