How to Tell Someone How Much You Love Them

You may find it difficult to start a relationship or your relationship is at the brink of a disaster because you do not know how to tell someone you love how much you love them. 


What you feel and what you express to others sometimes differ. Converting your thoughts to words can be daunting if you do not know the right way to truly express what you feel.


A miscommunication happens because each person has one or two love languages that can fill their emotional bank.


Learning the other person’s love language is one of the direct ways of telling the person you love them. It makes it easy to hit the mark on the things you do to express how much you love them.


Research shows that we are often caught up in our love language(s) that we expect the other person to understand what we are saying because that is exactly what we need to hear.


However, it does not work that way. Using the established love languages according to Gary Chapman, here are five ways to tell someone how much you love them:


1. Use your words: Sometimes all the person needs to hear is the three simple words “I love you”. 


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You may perambulate and talk about all the things you do to make them happy and how you are always around to keep them company. You may plan trips and send expensive gifts but what they need to hear is that you love them. 


Say it!. It does not get too boring to say “I love you”. You can garnish it each time with a few extra words by telling them some of the reasons you love them or the things that loving them does for you.


“I love you because you are always there for me”

“I love you for waiting up to see me”

“I love you and you make me happy”

“You are my sunshine and I love you”

“I keep falling in love with you each passing day”


Your situation will set the mood for the right words. Be sure you mean what you say. Do not say words you do not mean. Saying words you don’t mean will eventually bring the wrong consequences.


2. Physical Touch: Hold my hands as you tell me how much you love me. Your partner may enjoy a touch here and there. 


Hold my hands


If so, using words may not be enough. You need to go a step further by telling them with the right touch. A pat on the shoulder, a bear hug, holding their waist and looking deeply into their eyes will go a long way to plaster your words in their minds.


You should apply the appropriate touch so you do not pass the wrong message across, thereby ruining the essence of the touch.

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3. Send Gifts: A bouquet, jewellery, the latest phone, chocolate, ice cream may be all you need to express your love. Some individuals enjoy receiving gifts as a show of love. 


If you need to tell such individuals that you love them, all you need to do is buy them a gift and voila the message is passed.


It is important to know the right kind of gifts to buy that will not put you in a difficult position or pass the wrong message. Some gifts suggest you want a sexual experience and if that is not your intention then you should not get such gifts.


You can also find out what the person wants and buy those things. You will get a hint on what they want from your conversation with them or you can outrightly ask them what they want.


4. Spend Quality Time with them: Spending time with your loved ones is another way of telling them you love them. You may say all the loving words that ever exist but they do not get it. 


Spending time with your loved ones


Your presence is all they need. From time to time, spend quality time with them and they are assured of your love. They just want you around and that is all the love they need.


When you are around them, you can engage in bonding activities such as yoga, dancing, going on a trip, skiing, rock climbing, sports, video games, gardening and so on.


Engaging in activities you both love is an important part of spending quality time together and telling your partner you love them.

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5. Acts of Service: No matter the words, gifts and time you spend around your partner, if those are not their love languages, it is like pouring water in a basket. One other way of telling someone you love them is through acts of service.


Mowing the lawn, disposing of the trash, cleaning, cooking and doing things that ease their living is all the “I love you” they need to hear from you.


There are times when you can always employ someone to do the things that need to be done. However, there are some tasks that you can personally do that will tell your partner you love them.


Simply wetting the grass, feeding the pet can speak more love than all the words or gifts you buy. So do the little things they want and it will tell them you love them.


You can always know how to tell someone you love them from what they say, complain about or from what they do. 


Most of us often talk about the things we want and share information that affects us directly without even realizing it. It is easy to know how to tell someone you love them by paying close attention to the things they say, do and share.


Nonetheless, what people want often change and so there should be a corresponding change in the ways you tell them that you love them. 


The best way to tell someone you love them is when your actions match your words. You say it and you show it. 


Through the right words, doing relevant activities to help, sharing gifts, appropriate physical touch and spending time with them when it truly matters; you can easily tell someone you love them.

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