I am working hard but not getting success

You take your first sip of coffee before the rise of dawn; you listen to motivational videos while brushing your teeth; you tell yourself that you can do it in front of your bathroom mirror every morning.


You work for hours and hours all day long and you feel like you’re always running out of time. You feel like you don’t live in the same house with your family, and your friends make jokes that “they forgot what you look like” all the time.


You strongly believe that success doesn’t come easily and that you need to put blood, sweat, and tears into it!


You feel like you’re doing all this work and that you’re missing out on life, but you’re still not where you need to be. You start doubting your process and your journey to success. You constantly ask yourself: Why am I working hard but not getting success? 


Below are the reasons why you might not be getting success.


1- You’re Not Getting Yourself A Break 


You work all day and all night; you wake up early, you go to bed late and you’re not sleeping enough. You feel like you’re missing out on life.


You work all day and all night


You’re not seeing your family enough and you’re never hanging out with your friends. You’re starting to feel tired and possibly burnout. 

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You’re forgetting that success is all about embracing the journey. Success can’t be accomplished without giving your mind and body a break.


Rest is essential to keep fueling your passion! How do you expect yourself to stay committed to your dreams if you don’t have the physical and mental energy to do so?


If you don’t get a decent amount of sleep and rest your body when it requires you to do so, you will eventually crash and burn. Would you like to see everything you worked for fall apart just because you refuse to take a much-needed break?


2- You’re Doing It For The Wrong Reasons


Why do you want success? 


Do you think you want it for the wrong reasons?


I know, it’s tempting to become successful just to prove to the haters that you finally did it. I know you want to rub it in the faces of those who doubted you. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to show them once and for all what you’re made of?


You want to hush everyone who ever told you that “you’re not good enough”, or “you’re not smart enough” and “nah, I don’t see it in you”!


Another wrong reason is wanting the money that comes along with this success. Yes, it would be nice to have your own private jet and yes, it would be nice to celebrate new years eve in Paris. But that shouldn’t be your only reason.

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These are not good reasons to be successful. You have to want it for the right reasons! Ask yourself: What would my dream contribute to this world?


That should be your reason!


3- You’re Comparing And Contrasting


Stop comparing yourself to others; no two journeys will ever be the same. What worked for someone else, might not work for you! 


You will never have success if you resent someone else for their success; the universe doesn’t work this way. 


Envy will consume the best of you; it will blind you to reality. You never know what the other person had to give up in order to achieve their dreams. You don’t have the same experience as them and unless you’re identical twins, you didn’t live the same life they did!


Success requires you to have positive vibes and clean energy. Envy and jealousy do not radiate with positive energy; in contrast, they will hinder your way to success.


4- You’re Afraid of Success


Is there something that’s been holding you back? Are you afraid that once you get what you wish for things will somehow change?


For instance, I have a friend who is very smart and very ambitious; she knew what she wanted but she was too afraid to go get it because she was scared that it would affect her relationship with her husband. Her husband grew up in a poor family and was always taught that “money is the source of all evil”. He always talked negatively about rich people and thought that they were nothing but entitled devils.

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She was scared that if she gets successful that he would leave her. She later realized that she was scared of success and he was the one holding her back. 


5- You’re Not Doing What You Love


Are you working for yourself or are you working towards someone else’s dream? What is your version of success? 


Is it becoming a director in the company you’re working in? If so, you might not be convinced unconsciously to bust yourself for someone else. Are you working by yourself but you’re doing something that you don’t necessarily like and you’re just doing it because you’ve heard that it makes you rich?


Don’t get into real estate if you don’t like it just because it can make you successful. Don’t go after that accounting degree if you don’t like playing with numbers.


Most people get filthy rich just by doing the thing that they enjoy doing. You know it’s true, many people are getting successful by cleaning their houses and posting it on Instagram and Tik Tok. They have a passion for cleaning and they’re showing their passion to the world! 


Guess what? You will GLOW when you do something that you love.


6- You Doubt Your Potential 


You will struggle to find success if you don’t fully believe in yourself. You should know what you’re capable of; you should realize that what you have is more than enough to get you where you want in life.


You will never get successful if you don’t believe that it could happen to you! Believe in yourself and embrace your true potential.

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