I don’t want to be fat anymore

I avoid looking into mirrors because I don’t like what I see; I don’t recognize my face underneath all these folds and all this flesh. I don’t like going shopping because I’m afraid that people will ridicule me.


It might be untrue, but I feel like people working in boutiques and stores will be laughing behind the curtains and commenting on how fat I am. I’m afraid to run into an old friend or acquaintance because they will see how fat I’ve become; they’re going to think that life has been rough on me and my body shows it.


I’m afraid I’m never going to find love because who would even love me? I don’t find myself attractive, so how do I expect someone else to see the beauty in me?


I look at skinny girls and I envy their energy; I envy their bodies and strongly resent the fact that I don’t have a body like that. Why do I look like this while they get to look like that?


Are they doing all the effort or do they look naturally like that? Am I built to always look like this? 


Help, I don’t want to be fat anymore!” 


We know how you feel sis, we all have insecurities about our bodies in one way or another. Even the prettiest one of us felt insecure at one point in her life. When the world starts looking dark and your worst thoughts come spiraling down, remember that you’re not alone.


Below are useful tips to help you have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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1- Tap Into The Reason Why


You can’t shed those extra pounds without knowing how you gained them in the first place. 

  • Are you an emotional eater?

Are you an emotional eater


Do you eat every time you feel sad or mad? Are you using food as a defense mechanism to numb your pain? Keep a journal for every time you eat and jot down your emotions at the time you’re binge eating.

  • What’s the quality of the food you’re eating?


Are you only eating junk food? This type of food has so many calories in it that eating one or two meals daily will make you gain weight rapidly! If Chick-fil-a employees know you on a first-name basis and know what you regularly order, then you should know that you’re doing it all wrong.

  • Are you skipping breakfast?


Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes that people commit. When you skip breakfast, you will feel hungry throughout the day no matter what you eat. They don’t call it “the most important meal of the day” for no reason!

  • Are you drinking your weight in sugar?


If you quench your thirst by drinking sugary drinks and sodas, you’re not losing those pounds any time soon. Yes, that strawberry milkshake from Mcdonald’s is also high in calories and has very little nutritional value to it. 

  • Are you a couch potato?


What is your activity level? Our bodies are meant to be moving; our bodies are designed to be active. If you constantly put your body on hold, it’s going to gain weight.

  • Do you have underlying medical issues? 


You might be eating just right, you might be doing your exercises but you’re still not losing any weight. It never hurts to check with your doctor.


2- Make A Plan And Commit


Now that you know the reason why you’re gaining weight, you can start working on it. For instance, if you’re gaining weight because you spend nine hours every day at work sitting at your desk, it’s time to incorporate exercises into your daily routine.


Start slow, then gradually build. Start the first month by walking 10-15 minutes for three or four days of the week. Then in your second month, you can join a local gym or take a beginner class. 


If the reason you’re getting fat is because of your unhealthy eating habits, then you need to start by cutting sugary drinks for one month. Then the next month you need to commit to not eating fried foods. 


The secret here is to make small changes so you will never revert back. Because if you do this suddenly, it’s easier to fall back into the old routine. You will be motivated when you start seeing actual results and it will make you want to double your efforts.


3- Find A Training Buddy


Your training buddy will make you feel like you’re not doing this alone and you will learn from each other’s mistakes. 

Besides, you’re more likely to work out if you have someone else to push you! It’s more fun that way and you will never get bored. 


Find A Training Buddy


Another added bonus is that a training buddy will hold you accountable if you decide that you’re skipping the gym today and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.


By the way, this is not your cue to get together and binge eat pepperoni pizza. 


4- Opt For A Lifestyle, Not A Diet


Diets are harsh and often include restricting yourself from eating something specific. However, a healthy lifestyle consists of the perfect balance: Eating your veggies but still enjoying a slice of cheesy pizza every now and then. The perfect balance is enjoying a small piece of cake without feeling guilty about it. 


Most diets include rapid weight loss, which is unhealthy. Moreover, you could be doing your body more harm than good. Most people who follow these diets end up with medical issues and suffer from hair loss as well. 


A healthy lifestyle will make it easier for the pounds to stay at bay, while a diet is only temporary. Because once you stop the diet, the pounds will come screaming back! 


Always remember, balance is key. 

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