I feel sad because i am single

So you don’t believe in romantic movies anymore; you think they portray unrealistic expectations and that kind of love is only fabricated in Hollywood. You hate going out with others because everyone seems to be with someone except for you.


You turn off the radio when a love song is on because you don’t need to be constantly reminded that you’re single. You get sad because no one is calling to tell you to get your raincoat because there’s a slight chance of rain today.


We get it, okay? Who doesn’t need someone just to be there? Who doesn’t need someone to love them in their worst and best? Fact is, we all yearn for love! We all want to love and be loved back, unconditionally.


Who doesn’t yearn for someone to bring them flowers on Valentine’s day? Who doesn’t yearn for someone to make them a cup of tea on a rainy December day? And who doesn’t long for someone to spend hours just pillow talking with them?


However, there comes a time in our lives that we ride this roller coaster solo, and that’s okay. We need to learn to enjoy our own company! We need to find peace in silence, joy in being alone, and gratitude in the little things. 


What to do when you feel sad because you’re single?


1- Reflect On Why You’re Single


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I personally believe that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single. But if you feel like you want to change your status, then, by all means do it!


Contemplate on why you’re single.


Contemplate on why you’re single


Is it your own choice? Are you setting unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of relationships? Do you feel like no one is good enough? Do you manage to find flaws in just about everyone you meet?


Or are you only sad because people around you are giving you a hard time? That might be true if your inner circle constantly assumes that you’re not happy because you’re alone. Maybe your relatives are constantly picking on you for not bringing someone to Thanksgiving dinner.


Or are you desperately trying to find anyone but no one seems to stick? Maybe you have a certain characteristic that makes people go the other direction.


For instance, you might be single because you expect your partner to be with you 24/7. Maybe you expect them to be there at your beck and call and no one seems to find that attractive. Or you might be controlling and it’s hard for anyone to cope with that. 


Or maybe, just maybe, you’re still hung up on your ex-lover and you can’t seem to get over it and people can read into that. Who wants to be with someone who has feelings for someone else?


2- It All Starts From Within


Did you know that you need to enjoy being alone before you enjoy someone else’s company? 

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And NO, it doesn’t work the other way around! 


You can never have a healthy relationship with someone if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself. Take this time alone to fall in love with your soul and your body. Learn to cherish your alone time, you will find it addictive after a while.


Examples of taking care of your body:


  • Exercise and move your body– it will only increase your confidence and make you look ten times toner!
  • Eat healthy wholesome foods– because you are what you eat!
  • Shower regularly and maintain your personal hygiene– because no one is going to stick around if you have body odor! 
  • Looking your best every day– because why not?


Examples of taking care of your soul:


  • Do activities you enjoy.
  • Find your passion.
  • Find inner peace through meditation.


taking care of your soul


3- Change Your Circle


If all your friends are couples then, of course, you’re going to be depressed! I bet it feels awfully lonely if your friends are hugging and you’re just sitting there awkwardly watching. Of course, you will feel lonely if everybody is holding hands while you’re just sitting there with your hands on your knees!


Get in touch with your single friends; if you don’t have any, then it’s time to look for new ones! Widen that circle and get to know new people.


You can find single people everywhere! Trust me, it can be so much fun to hang out with people who don’t have to tag their significant other everywhere they go. 

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In addition, if you have friends who intentionally give you a bad time for being single, it’s time to sever these ties. These people are not your friends if they’re constantly making you feel bad about your relationship status.


4- Do The Things You Love


Do the things you love, it will give you fulfillment! There has to be something that you enjoy doing; for instance, if you like traveling then you can work an extra shift just to go to that country you’ve been wanting to visit. Did you know that Paris looks pretty in pink in the Springtime?


If you like running, then start running more often! Maybe you can go earlier in the morning or even in the evening. You literally have no strings attached, you can do it anytime and whenever you feel like it! 


When you do the things you love, you glow- and people are so in love with someone who radiates happiness! You will attract happy people just like you! Who knows, you might end up falling in love with a stranger in Paris who enjoys coffee just as much as you do!


Doing the things you love will make it so much easier to find someone who enjoys doing these things too. It makes it easier to meet someone who shares the same interests as you, which makes it easier to be in a committed relationship.

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