I Love You But We Are Not Meant To Be Together

My feelings for you are quite different from the reality I am faced with. I have battled my emotions and realized some reasons why we are not meant to be together.


Ascertaining if I love you is not a question here. You tickle my fantasy. I love being with you, having our stupid fights and reconciling, going to all the places we both love to go together.


Loving You is not Enough


Loving You is not Enough


You make me realize life is not just about projects, meeting deadlines and clocking in and out. You make me do things I never realized I would be doing or can even do. You make some sacrifices for me that I feel I don’t even deserve.


I wonder each day why I love you yet there are some pressing realities that we cannot shy away from. On the surface, everything is manageable and anyone will believe that we should be together.


However, this has also made me realize that what we both need goes beyond what we feel for each other right now. Our compatibility needs to exceed the minimum requirements that keep us going.


Loving you should allow me to tell you the truth that we are not meant to be together. It is a show of love for me to let you go be with someone else.


It is not entirely our differences that inform this decision. I believe we are both in our comfort zone. We may not have a problem with it right now but what about in a few years?

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We keep growing in our interests and exposure. I know I want more and will always want more. I do not want us to resent one another just because we refuse to acknowledge that we are not meant to be together.


I agree that we can make it work and we can put in the effort but do we truly want to be with someone who we keep putting an extra effort now and then to satisfy instead of it coming so naturally?


Having to tell you I want you to buy me a present or send me a love note has already ruined the element of surprise which will oil my emotions. I know it sounds trivial to you but one trivial matter leads to another that culminate in a conflict.


Five Reasons Why We are Not Meant to be Together


How do I know we are not meant to be together? I asked myself several times and came up with some answers below, written in no particular order. I will like you to ponder on them.


  •  We make some compromises for one another that cannot stand the test of time. Sometimes we agree with one another for peace to reign. This can only go on for as long as one party does not feel disgusted with the idea. 


We can only keep trying to be what the other person needs till we exhaust the feelings in our emotional bank. When we exhaust these feelings, we will realize we only wasted each other’s time because we were not true to ourselves.

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  •  Our choice of friends differs entirely and they tend not to agree with one another. If my friends cannot get along with yours, it will eventually take its toll on us and drive us apart because they are our circle of influence.


Your friends do not even like me in the first place. They only try to keep up with me because of you. I walk on eggshells around them and censor my words so I do not become the topic of their gist.


  •  Our families are always at loggerheads trying to prove points that I do not even understand. We cannot shy away from the fact that they do not like one another and are only making an effort because of us.


Gone are the days when we can elope and cut all ties from them. Sincerely, I am not the kind of person that can handle staying away from family and friends. It will be uncomfortable to keep struggling through interactions with both families.


  • Truly, our short term goals align but our long term goals are far apart. What we want right now is still in sync but the bigger picture we see is different. If we plan to be together, then at some point some issues will be too difficult to address.


  •  Distance is another factor that bothers me. I am certain I cannot handle a long-distance relationship. I need someone who is not more than an hour drive away from me. I can handle the occasional travelling that may occur from time to time but I cannot cope with being away for an extended period yet in a relationship.
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long distance love


Recently I noticed we have refused to take on new opportunities and desires because we do not want to hurt each other. My love for you should allow me to give you a chance to be your best even if it means we will not be together. 


Sometimes, I try to adjust my words so I do not upset you. At other times, I find it difficult to remain quiet around you. You misinterpret my actions and this pushes me to do exactly what you want even to my dissatisfaction.


In the same vein, I try too hard to meet your expectations and I feel I may not be good enough for you. More importantly, I am not sure about the relationship despite all the efforts we may try to put in. 


Let us not sell ourselves short trying to adjust to love and loving one another. We can excel without being together. We can love as separate individuals and not necessarily as a couple.


You will feel it in your guts when you are with someone you are meant to be with. I love you but my guts tell me we are not meant to be together.


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