I Want To Cut My Hair Short But I’m Scared

So, you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short lately; you’ve been obsessing about what you would look like with dare-devil short hair. Yet, there seems to be something that’s getting a hold of you. You feel scared that it wouldn’t look like you imagined it would.


Well, I’m sure that you’re still traumatized when your mama cut your hair short in the 8th grade, but please remember that the stylist is not your mother. You will not walk out from the salon with hideous short bangs and short hair that makes you look like a teenage boy! And you’re definitely not going to walk out from the salon looking like Emma Roberts of 2018. 


In reality, cutting our hair is always scary, even if you’re only considering trimming it. Our hair is a part of us and it can be difficult to let go of a part of us, especially if you’ve been growing it for quite some time.


We often seek a dramatic change of hairstyle when we’re looking for physical change in our lives. And sometimes, we decide to take a big chop because we’re in a transitioning phase in our lives.


And there are times when we feel obligated to cut it shorter because our hair feels weak, fragile, and damaged. Regardless of the reason, cutting your hair should be a liberating experience that makes you feel good. 


In this article, I will walk you through steps that would make this move a little less scary and a little more fun!


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Reasons To Go Short


Reasons To Go Short


1- Your Hair Will Become Healthier


We’re all guilty of messing with our hair! I personally tried every hair trend out, even when it didn’t look good on me.


I permed my hair not once, but twice. I had purple highlights in my hair back in school.


Then I transitioned to the dip dye hair phase; my ends were vibrant red. And to top it all, I used to straighten my hair every 2-3 days; I did that while using a hair straightener and not a blow dryer. Can you imagine the amount of damage I inflicted upon my poor hair?


My hair became fragile and it was completely damaged. The only way to recover was to cut my hair short in order to grow my healthy hair back.


I tried trimming it every six to seven weeks but it still looked damaged. I was scared to make the change at once and I was scared of cutting short, but I had to. I don’t regret it because now I have healthy fluffy hair!


2- Your Hair Will Eventually Grow 


There’s nothing in the world holding your hair back from growing back! No outside force is going to tell it not to grow; it’s only natural for hair to grow. The worst-case scenario is for you to dislike your look and it’s going to be temporary because your hair will eventually grow back. It’s not going to remain in a short state forever!


However, there are things that you can do to help you in that process. You can eat superfoods that stimulate hair growth, like salmon, eggs, and blueberries.

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Moreover, there’s a huge market out there that has tons and tons of hair vitamins that would aid in the hair growth process. You can also find the right kind of oil for your hair and massage it into your scalp, which will promote hair growth. So don’t worry!


3- You Will Radically Change Your Style


Okay, how sexy would you look if you’re rocking that short hair with an open-back dress? Moreover, your short hair will complement your neck and décolleté area; you would look like a million dollars! 


In addition, short hair will make you feel bold and it will make you feel like a daredevil. And honey, that energy is going to show!


People are going to see this vibrant energy and fall in love with it. A girl who is not afraid of cutting her hair short is a girl who fears nothing!


It’s amazing how cutting your hair can make you feel; you will feel powerful and in complete control of your life. It’s a liberating feeling.


Tips Before Making The Big Chop


1- Try on different wigs


To know what short style suits your face, it’s a good idea to experiment with short wigs. This way, you can see what compliments your face and your features. You can also experiment with colors this way. 


it is a good idea to experiment with short wigs


2- Know Thy Stylist


It’s preferable to not try out a completely different stylist on the day you make the big chop. Your stylist should be familiar with your hair type. She will tell you if this kind of hairstyle will suit your hair type or not. 

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3- Know What You Want


Before you walk into that salon, have a clear idea of what you want exactly. Saying that you want your hair short is not enough for the stylist to know what you want.


There are tons of different hairstyles for short hair. Know what you want and show your stylist pictures of this hairstyle so that he or she can have a crystal clear idea of what you like.


4- Buy The Right Products


When I cut my hair short, I never knew that I had curly hair! I had to get rid of all the products that I’ve been using and buy new products that were suitable for my hair type.


Trust me, it doesn’t look good to have short hair that goes frizzy the minute it smells an ounce of humidity; it immediately shrinks and goes up as if the sky was calling it. Using the right products is necessary if you want to rock your new hairstyle. 


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