I Want To Wear Makeup But I Don’t Know How

I was always amazed by those girls who knew exactly what to do with makeup. I wanted to be like them, but no matter how much I tried, I’ve always ended up in complete failure.


I never knew how to apply concealer correctly, although God knows I needed to learn. I always looked like a clown in a horror movie every time I attempted to put on some blush. And don’t even get me started on wearing lipstick! Why can’t I look like a cinematic character from the 70s in my red lipstick?


I never knew how to blend my foundation; I’m sure I looked like a toddler playing with crayons. I didn’t know how to mix and match colors and I didn’t even know what looked good on me. I didn’t know the right amount of highlighter to use and where to apply it; I was clueless.


It wasn’t until I decided to seek professional help that I found out what I can potentially look like with makeup. I had a big event and I wanted to look good! I was sick of my hopeless attempts to do my own makeup, so I went to a salon. I was amazed! Who knew I could look like that?


Truth is, some people are born with this skill, meanwhile, others have to work harder to learn basic skills. Nevertheless, I was determined to learn the basic skills of putting on my own makeup. I need makeup for days when I have big events, or when I look sick, or just because of the fun of it!  


So, how do you learn to do your own makeup?


1- Learn From A Friend


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Okay, we all have a friend who is a makeup guru, a wizard, a fairy! You can call her or him by any other name just as long they KNOW how to put on makeup. 


Learn from that friend and ask them to mentor you throughout this journey. They can give you tips and hacks on how to apply makeup as a beginner. They would teach you basic techniques on how to blend your foundation and how to apply concealer to hide staying up late last night.


2- Youtube Tutorials


If you are a lone wolf and don’t have anyone to learn from, you can turn to Youtube. Youtube has countless educational videos and beginner tutorials on how to put on your makeup step by step. All you have to do is find one or two mentors that you love their makeup styles and just watch their videos.


Youtube Tutorials


Sit next to the mirror and start doing your makeup as you’re watching them over and over again. Remember that repetition is key; you will not get it 100% right from the very first attempt. Applying makeup is a skill, and just like any other skill, it needs time to learn and perfect.


3- Get Professional Help


If you feel overwhelmed and you can’t really tell what looks good on you, then get professional help. A makeup artist would tell you what look suits you the best. They would teach you what kind of colors highlight your eyes, and what kind of techniques enhance your features.  

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Remember that makeup is an art; it’s even a science of its own! The amount of information out there is tremendous and you will need a guiding place to start. What a better place to do that than a professional salon?


You would make their life easier if you give them insights into the look you would like to achieve. Do you want a natural makeup-no-makeup look? Or do you want to look all dolled up with heavy makeup?


4- Practice Makes Perfect


Just like any other skill, you need to make an actual effort; perfect the art of trial and error!


Start with the basic stuff: Start by learning how to correctly put on mascara. Then you can try adding some lipstick on; it wouldn’t hurt to start experimenting with colors. And remember, a cotton swab is your best friend at this point because you don’t want to look like a clown!


Start slow and gradually level up. Once you’ve mastered the basic look of mascara and lipstick, you can start practicing your eyeliner game! Don’t feel frustrated if your eyeliner doesn’t look identical on both eyes…you will eventually get there!


Bonus tip: If you want to increase your chances of succeeding, it’s always good to remember to moisturize your face before applying any makeup. It will make your foundation easier to blend and you will decrease your chances of cakey makeup.


5- Understanding Your Skin Type


This actually should be the very first step that you need to take before attempting to learn the art of makeup. Before you start experimenting with all these brushes, tools, and colors, it’s a good idea to understand your skin type.

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Understanding Your Skin Type1


And just like there are different skincare products based on your skin type, there are also various makeup products formulated for various skin types! For instance, it’s not the brightest idea to wear dewy makeup on oily skin!


You will increase your chances of breaking out, plus, you will shine brighter than the sun on a summer day! Moreover, dry skin requires heavy moisturizing and prepping because you definitely want to avoid cakey-looking makeup. 


Remember this golden rule: Always remove your makeup before going to bed, even if you think you’re not wearing enough makeup. Cleansing your skin is a necessity! Sleeping with your makeup on will clog the pores, age you faster, and give you dull-looking skin! It’s the worst thing you can ever do for your skin; it’s a crime against yourself.

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