Is it ok to bathe a baby with a fever?

Your little one has been under the weather all day today. They have not been acting like their happy, sassy, playful and sweet little selves at all. They have been very irritated, cranky, and pretty fussy so you think that they may have a fever.


At what temperature does a baby a fever?

First to be sure if your sweet little one has a fever, you must check their temperature. Typically, if your baby has a temperature over 100.4, it is likely that she is running a fever. You immediately think maybe a warm bath will help bring the temperature down but then in the back of your mind, you ask yourself, “Is it ok to bathe a baby with a fever?” This is a great question to ask!


Can a bath help lower a fever?

Well if you’re anything like me, I would be a bit apprehensive to bathing my little pumpkin with a fever. If your little one has the chills along with the fever, getting them wet in the bathtub may make them have even more chills, leaving them quivering immensely and can actually bring their temperature up more.

However, giving your baby a bath may actually help soothe and lower their temperature.

If  you decide to give your baby a bath to lower their fever, it is important to use lukewarm water. If you just have to give your bath, try a sponge bath or placing a washcloth on your babies forehead to lower the temperature.


Other Things to Consider

Here are a few other things to ponder on before you give your feverish yet sweet bundle of joy a bath:

  • Please be careful to avoid rubbing alcohol baths to avoid making the situation worse.
  • Dress your baby in light clothes as too many clothes or blankets would not help at all to bring the temperature down.
  • Keep your baby hydrated and give them plenty of liquids, be careful to avoid apple juice and fruit
  • Let your little munkin eat their regular diet but try to give them crackers or bread
  • Do not run the air conditioner as this will make the situation worse.
  • Make sure your baby goes to sleep in a room that is between seventy to seventy four degrees.


Alternatives to Bathing Your Feverish Baby

If you are looking for other alternatives to bathing your baby, consider the following:


1) Infants’ Tylenol Pain Reliever-Fever Reducer

This acetaminophen helps to relieve your little one’s  fever. It is ibuprofen, alcohol and aspirin free. It comes in a tasty grape favor.


2) FridaBaby FridaFever iThermonitor

This high tech gadget lets you check your sweet little baby’s temperature without waking them up! It checks it every 4 seconds and gives you a smart notification if your baby’s temperature has gone up! Talk about technology! Love this! You can rest well in knowing that you don’t have to wake your baby to check their temperature!


3) Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Gel Mat

Gel Mat for my baby’s pillow? How is my baby going to sleep with this? I can hear you saying! Well, this wonderful pillow will help you sick sweet little bundle of joy get some rest. It helps reduces their fever. The cooling power of this gel mat will start to work to lower their temperature. Just put the mat inside of their pillowcase or put on top of their pillow. It is soft, soothing and adjusts to fit your child’s pillow.


4) Fever-Fish Children’s Fever Monitor Strips

These liquid crystal monitor strips can quickly and easily monitor your baby’s fever for 24 hours or longer. They work very fast and use crystal thermometer technology to read your baby’s core body temperature.


5) Little Remedies Infant Fever Pain Reliever

This infant medicine in mixed berry flavor helps to lower your baby’s fever. It does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.


6) Highsound Baby Bluetooth iFever Smart Thermometer Bracelet

For all the tech mommies out there, this thermometer bracelet is designed for your baby between 0-3 years of age to wear while it consistently checks their temperature. It is skin friendly, safe for baby’s arm and does not cause allergies. It works with the iFever app so you can stay up to date on your baby’s temperature throughout the day and night.


7) iHealth No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer

Your little one doesn’t like the touch of the thermometer? Try this no touch thermometer that is bound to make check your sweet little one’s temperature even easier! The thermometer features two LED lights that let you know that the thermometer is being used correctly.


8) Veridian Waterproof Digital Pacifier Thermometer

Designed to take your baby’s temperature quickly, easily and tear free, this digital thermometer takes your sweet little darling’s temperature in 90 seconds and sounds off a wonderful musical alarm whenever the temperature is beyond 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit. This pacifier style thermometer checks the temperature every 5 minutes up to 25 minutes.


9) Nature Essentials Fever-Eeze Forehead and Body Wipes

These wipes are made to give a cooling effect to your baby’s body to relieve their fever. It is equipped with peppermint oil that designed to cool their temperature down in a less intimidating ways for your little ones.


The Verdict

So, we have discussed what temperature does your little need to have a fever, if a bath really works to reduce the fever, and some alternatives to bathing your feverish baby. But the question still remains, Is it ok to bathe a baby with a fever? And the answer is yes! As long as you give your baby a cool sponge bath, your feverish baby’s temperature will probably start to decrease while you calm and soothe them with an invigorating bath. Happy Bathing!

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