Is it okay to cuddle with a friend while in a relationship

Cuddling can be one of the most intimate things two people can do. It is when you hold someone so closely that makes your bodies merge and your souls collide. Cuddling physically feeds the brain happy hormones and equips the body with a stronger immune system. 


Cuddling makes you feel like you’re safe with that person and creates an everlasting bond that’s not easily broken. Cuddling makes our souls sing and makes angels dance. It’s the way to say “I love you” in body language when all words fail to express what that person means to you! 


Thus, cuddling is often described as a romantic activity rather than a platonic one. Friends don’t cuddle with each other; friends hug each other. So, cuddling with someone other than your partner feels wrong and it’s a sign that something else is going on.


This might indicate that your current relationship lacks intimacy and safety. Maybe you’re trying to find this closeness with someone else to feel secure. This also potentially means that you have a romantic interest in your friend. 


In this article, we will help you figure out if your current relationship lacks intimacy and if that friend is more than just a friend to you!


Signs You’re More Than Just Friends


Signs You’re More Than Just Friends


1- You’re Intimate With Each Other


One of the uttermost signs that someone is more than just a friend is when you’re intimate with each other. When you’re attracted to someone, you would want any excuse to touch them or to brush your body against theirs. When you want someone, your body knows it before your mind actually does! 

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You would want to be physically close to them as much as possible; you would want to feel the heat of their body. 


2- You’re Always Thinking About Them


When you start developing romantic feelings for someone, it’s all you can think about. They will be your most recurring thought of the day. They will be mentally present with you throughout the day; you will even find yourself daydreaming about them. Not only that, but you most probably will dream about them in your sleep.


Thinking about them makes your heart warm and your tummy jumpy from all the butterflies!


3- Your Partner Dislikes Them


Your partner thinks that they’re needy and always has something bad to say about them. Does he ask you why your “friend” has to be there on every occasion? Does he seem irritated about his existence? Does he ask in detail about your conversation with your friend?


Chances are that your partner feels that this guy is attracted to you and fears that you will leave him for the other guy.


4- You Live In Your Own World


Do you and that “friend” live in a world of your own? Do you have special nicknames for each other? Do you share inside jokes that no one else seems to get but you? Do you disregard anyone else who is hanging out with you? Does it seem like you’re in an exclusive club and it only consists of both of you? 

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5- You Get Easily Jealous


It’s true that you have a boyfriend, but you can’t help but feel jealous that your friend is hanging out with someone else. Does he like that person? Will he get together with her? 


It makes you sick in the stomach to watch them together and you don’t even know why you feel this way. Don’t convince yourself that you’re “overprotective” of your friend and you just don’t want to see him get hurt. 


6- You Can’t Get Enough


You always want to hang around this person and it seems like you just can’t get enough of them. It also bothers you when you don’t see them or don’t get to hang out individually with them. Moreover, you’re always texting with this guy when you’re not with him.


7- You Tell Him Everything


You tell your guy friend everything and he’s your go-to person when something goes wrong. You’re supposed to run to your boyfriend, not to your guy friend. 


When the world comes crashing before your feet, you only want to run to this guy and tell him all about it. He knows how to comfort you and you know that your secret is safe with him!


You Tell Him Everything


8- Your Friends Talk


Many of your friends have asked you if something is going on between you two. They all can see the spark flying all over the place. They also ask you if your partner gets jealous or not and you feel like you have to justify your feelings towards them.

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9- It’s All In The Eyes


You feel like this person looks at you differently and you feel like they have their eyes only for you. Do you often catch them looking at you from across the room? Do you feel your heart racing when you look them in the eye? Do you wait for that moment you lay your eyes on them?


10- You’re Reconsidering Your Current Relationship


If you find yourself asking all these questions, and what it means to cuddle with someone while you’re with someone else, then it’s the only sign you need. 


Do you find yourself thinking how different things would be if you were with the other person? Are you afraid that leaving your current relationship will be a mistake and that you will regret it? Are you afraid that you will hurt your current boyfriend and that’s why you’re not leaving? 


You need to be honest with yourself and with both of these guys. If you think your happiness could be somewhere else, then you need to let that person go to find their own chance at happiness

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