What Can I Do To Become Smarter?

During my childhood, I grew up surrounded by incredibly smart people. Both of my parents were doctors and all my siblings had outstanding academic careers.


On the other side, there I was: Your old plain Jane, your average joe. I was barely keeping up with maintaining an average GPA and even consistently failed in math.


I always felt like I was dumb and that I was not part of that family! They were all so accomplished while I was there racing time and putting extra effort just to barely pass my classes.


And it wasn’t only with my family, I felt that way with everyone else around me! I often found myself at a complete loss when people started discussing economics; I was also unable to keep up with political events and could never fathom how people can discuss that effortlessly. 


I always questioned my stupidity and I always felt so little…so weak. I was determined to become smarter; I was determined to level up my game! 


I always wondered: What can I do to become smarter? 


1- Figure Out Your Kind Of Smart


In my quest to become smarter, I wish I had realized sooner that no one is stupid; it’s even cruel to speak these negative words to yourself or to anyone else for that matter. You are smart; you are smart in your own special way and you just have to find out what kind of smart you are!

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In fact, researchers and scientists believe that there are nine different types of intelligence: Visual, logical, kinesthetic, naturalist, musical, existential, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and linguistic. 


So instead of questioning your smartness level, start by figuring out what kind of brilliant you are! Do you think you can do everything with your hands and you just love moving your body?


Maybe you’re kinesthetic smart! Do you like spending time in nature? Do you believe that you do really well in camping and outdoor activities? Well, these “survival” skills might indicate that you are “nature” smart!


During my journey to becoming my own kind of brilliant, I figured out that I’m “linguistic” smart! I was so good with using words and I enjoyed playing with puns and creating metaphors! 


What type of smart do you think YOU are?


2- Nurture Your Body and Mind


You will never live up to your true potential if you don’t take care of your body and mind. These two are like one unit; one vessel that holds everything together! 


Nurture Your Body and Mind


If you don’t take good care of them, don’t expect them to perform well in any kind of situation- even the basic ones. 


Your body and mind demand energy to carry on throughout this journey of life. Be mindful of what kind of food you put into your body…Did you know that there are foods that make you smarter and there are foods that potentially make you dumber? 


Believe it or not, but synthetic sugar, processed foods, and synthetic trans fat may have their long-term effect on your brain.

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Eat your greens, drink your water, reasonably cut sugar, exercise regularly, and take your vitamins if you need them. Not to mention, rest when your body needs it. Getting decent amounts of sleep is key in preserving brain functions and overall health.


3- Be Mindful To Your Company


The people you hang out with affect your level of smartness. If all you hang with are judgemental and small-minded people who only enjoy gossiping, you will never go anywhere in life. 


Instead, surround yourself with people who are open-minded and not afraid of change. Be around people who are not stuck in their habits and who push you to become a better person. 


And above all, hang around people who are full of love, compassion, and forgiveness!


Do not underestimate the importance of having a positive influence vs having a negative influence on your overall success in life! Good company can help you climb up the ladder, while bad company pushes you down and keeps you at the bottom.


4- Explore Other Cultures


Exploring other cultures can be done in two ways: Reading and traveling. 


Reading takes you to new places and pushes you to meet new people- yes, I’m talking about fictional characters. Reading takes your mind places that your body will never be able to; it will take you back in history to see life in the eyes of our ancestors!


Reading will make you experience romance in all its faces and will make you believe in love again! Reading will give you clarity of mind and peace to your soul!

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On the other hand, traveling gives you a chance to experience other cultures and fall in love with people from all over the world. There’s absolutely no rush like the rush of exploring a new place! There’s nothing better than tasting other cultures’ cuisines and exploring their spices and herbs.


Traveling and reading will explore your horizons as no other activity would; it will make you become a smarter and more sophisticated person!


5- Meditation Is Key


Scientists have been studying the benefits of meditation since the beginning of time. They believe that its effects on the brain are numerous and quite unbelievable. 


Meditation Is Key


Meditation alters your brain’s frequency and waves; in simpler words, it puts you in a state of clarity and gives you intellectual insight! Moreover, meditation slows down your brain’s aging and helps the brain maintain its functions as you grow older. Not only that, but meditation significantly improves your short and long-term memories!


It’s always good to remember that the brain is also a muscle, and it needs its own kind of workout! And remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

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