What do quiet guys look for in a girl

Quiet guys are often mysterious and hard to read. But that is the whole part of the intrigue and air of mystery that they bring.


Guys who are quiet may sometimes be unpredictable and not easy to understand. All these reasons are why girls are often intrigued by quiet guys.


If you are interested in a strong and silent type of guy, you must be thinking to yourself what do quiet guys look for in a girl?


Read along as we provide things or qualities that quiet guys look for in a girl.



Opposites attract


This is a popular saying that often rings true and is applicable in certain situations. Since quiet guys are deemed to be more introverted, often labeled as shy, they might look for a girl who has a completely different disposition and personality from him. An extroverted girl and the life of the party might catch a quiet guy’s attention just because that is something that he is not. 


Looking for somebody who is the opposite of who you are can mean that you both balance yourselves out. Finding a partner who will help balance you and be the yin to your yang is crucial. You have to make sure that your personalities complement each other and don’t clash. 


If you are a girl who is the life of the party and a complete extrovert, you can bring something to the table that a quiet guy might be looking for. Opposite personalities often work together because they have a higher tendency to seek a balance between the two people. In this case, an extroverted girl plus a quiet guy might click and be in a successful and happy relationship together. 

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The key to a successful relationship is finding a partner who will accept you for who you are not try to change you. Finding somebody who is the opposite of you doesn’t mean that you want to change your personality to conform to the other person but rather, finding somebody who will balance your type of personality. 


  • A girl who will not try to change them


This is probably the worst thing that you can do in any relationship. You can’t be looking for a partner, get into a relationship and then try to change the other person to conform to you. This is the worst reason why you should enter into a relationship with somebody and this won’t end well.


If you are a girl who is attracted to a quiet guy and in the end, would want to change him or get him out of his shell, I can tell you right now that this is not going to work out for you. You simply can’t get into a relationship and try to change the other person’s personality just because you don’t like it or you want him to be somebody else.


For a relationship with a quiet guy to work, you have to understand that this is his personality and accept it. You cannot try to change him because he will resent you for it.


Another great way of looking at it is thinking about what if the roles are reversed? What if he tries to change you? There is surely no way this will work. 

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If you are looking to change a quiet guy into a more outgoing person, and he won’t change, the result will be disastrous for your relationship. Quiet guys are not looking for a partner who will try to change them, they are looking for a girl who will understand them. 


  • A girl who understands them or is willing to try to


This holds true no matter what situation you are in. It is always important to find a partner who will understand you fully. Understanding a person means that you will accept them no matter what happens. 


The most common misconception is that quiet people are shy. This is not the case sometimes.


A person can sometimes be quiet and that’s just their personality. An introverted person is not somebody afraid of social situations and being an introvert is not a bad thing. 


Quiet guys will look for somebody who will understand their quietness and will embrace it fully. Even if you don’t fully understand why they are quiet, an important first step will be to be willing to understand it. 


  • A girl who will love them no matter what


This is probably an ultimate need for anybody regardless of race, personality, or gender. We all just need somebody who will love us unconditionally for who we are.


It is hard to pretend to be somebody else and keep a facade when you are trying to impress or get into a relationship with another person. 



It is more important to know that you can be fully yourself without any pretensions or needing to pretend. This is probably the ultimate test of love if you can be 100% authentically you and have somebody interested and fall in love with you.

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You have to love and fully embrace your guy, no matter how quiet he is, no matter how you don’t understand him all the time. Love is complicated and is not always easy. So, you will have to put in the work to reap the rewards. 


Any relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for like a plant, and it will flourish and grow. Quiet guys are like anybody else when it comes to finding love, they just want to find a girl who will love them no matter what happens. They want to find their ride or die who will be with them through thick or thin. 


Embracing the quietness in him is key to a healthy relationship. Again, you have to fully understand that being quiet is not a bad thing.


It doesn’t mean that he is socially awkward or painfully shy. Being quiet means that he is comfortable being in this disposition and you have to understand this for the relationship to work.

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