What Happens If I Drink Coconut Water Every Day?

I took a trip to the Bahamas last year and I thought it would be cool to download a photo of me sipping water from a coconut. Hey, don’t judge me!


We all did stupid stuff for the sake of Instagram. I mean, I’m not going to be laying on a private beach in the Bahamas and not let the haters know about it! 


Little did I know, after two weeks of regularly drinking coconut water, something started feeling different. I felt more energetic than ever and my head felt “lighter”…those of you with migraines know exactly what I mean when I say this.


I simply felt more refreshed and I had more life in me than I ever did before. Moreover, I started noticing that my hair was getting stronger, thicker,  and shinier as well!


It took me a while to figure out what made this huge difference, but I eventually got there. I found out that coconut water was pure magic and I knew that drinking this holy water every day made all the difference. I was impressed by the results and was instantly hooked; I was craving to drink more of this yummy water.


So, you might wonder, what happens if you drink coconut water every day?


Coconut Water And Healthy Skin


Coconut Water And Healthy Skin


Dehydrated skin is sensitive skin with a compromised skin barrier. Dehydrated skin is also aged skin.

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Sometimes, all your skin needs is to be hydrated; it’s thirsty and it’s letting you know! Coconut water can quench this thirst and make your skin look and feel hydrated. 


This is mainly because this magical water has potassium, sodium, and manganese…aka electrolytes. Your skin needs electrolytes to hydrate itself and replenish its moisture in order to stay healthy and glowy. Not only that, but coconut water can reduce the damage caused to your skin as a result of harmful UV rays. 


Coconut Water And Weight Loss


People who want to shed the extra pounds are advised to consume a diet that’s full of fiber. Fiber is amazing because it can make you feel full and curve your appetite for long periods of time. Moreover, coconut water contains minerals and vitamins that help you lose weight.


It’s no secret that coconut water is high in fiber, low on fat, and low on calories; it’s only an added bonus that it tastes so yummy! If that is still not enough, coconut water contains fats that make your metabolism train for the marathon! Yes, it can actually speed up your metabolism and help you get rid of stubborn fat.


Coconut Water And Headaches 


A great deal of our headaches are caused by dehydration; never underestimate the power of hydration to cure the worst types of headaches. The electrolytes in coconut water replenish the body and boost its hydration to maximum levels. 


Not only that, but the regular consumption of coconut water can also relieve people who suffer from migraines. It’s true because those who suffer from migraines are often short on magnesium, which is greatly found in coconut water!

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Coconut Water And Hair Health


Your daily cup of coconut water will improve circulation in your scalp. In return, this improved circulation will strengthen your hair from the roots and give you healthier and stronger hair. 


Moreover, coconut water has been used in treating dandruff and other scalp issues. This is mainly because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that maintain the health of your hair. We all know that dandruff can cause hair loss, so it’s a good idea for those who suffer from dandruff to try this old-time remedy!


There’s really no harm in trying because coconut water is a natural substance that would never hurt you. Unlike manufactured shampoos and oils that have ingredients that we could never possibly spell.


Coconut Water And Gut Health


Since coconut water is very high in fiber, you can imagine the tremendous benefits it provides to your gut health. Fibers are essential in regulating bowel movement and in flushing out toxins from your body. 


Moreover, it is believed that coconut water has antibacterial compounds that may be able to cure a variety of stomach ailments that are caused by bacterial infections.


Furthermore, it has been used by different cultures as a remedy for a poisoned stomach. The consumption of coconut water can relieve symptoms of poison and can fasten the healing process.


Coconut Water And Other Diseases


It has been found that drinking coconut water every day can potentially ward off several diseases such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Coconut water is packed with high levels of potassium that potentially reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

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In addition, the calcium and magnesium in coconut water are believed to play a vital role in maintaining heart health. 


Coconut Water And Muscle Tension 


It is believed that coconut water can be an excellent substitute for sports drinks. This holy grail is packed with calcium and magnesium that restores fatigued muscles and helps replenish the dehydration that results from putting the muscles under pressure. Additionally, it helps with relaxing the muscles and losing the tension.


Coconut Water And Muscle Tension 


What kind of coconut water to purchase?


While we can’t always hop on the next plane to the Bahamas to get coconut water, it can be easily purchased from any food store. However, you have to read the ingredient list before purchasing your next carton of this holy grail.


You don’t want to buy coconut water that’s filled with sugar and preservatives. You might as well look for an alternative that is not pasteurized. 


In addition, it’s not a good idea to buy “flavored” coconut water. Flavored coconut water is more likely to be filled with sweeteners and preservatives. 

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