What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In A Month?

So you might want to lose weight because you have a special occasion coming up and you really want to fit into that dress. Or maybe you’re just fed up with seeing yourself like this and you want to look better for yourself. And maybe, your doctor recommends you to lose weight and to become in better shape overall. 


We all have our different reasons for losing weight and every reason is valid. Who doesn’t want to be in better shape?


Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? We are already beautiful the way we are, but there is no harm or whatsoever in wanting more, right?


However, that does not mean that you should put an enormous effort into losing weight quickly. Truth is, losing weight does not happen overnight; you should be sincerely concerned if it does.


It also means that you should never aim to lose that extra weight in an unbelievably short time because it’s not healthy to do so. The rapid loss of weight can cause serious health issues that would affect your health in the long run, and you definitely don’t want that!


In fact, doctors advise you only to aim for 10 pounds per month; anything more than that can be potentially dangerous.


In this article, we have easy tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine that make this process easier.


1- Count Your Calories


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Counting your calories gives you an overall idea of how many calories your body consumes daily. It gives you an idea of what foods to avoid and what foods to focus more on. 


Some people swear that they do not eat enough food to gain weight and swear that they blow up fast. While our genes dictate a certain amount of our weight gain and loss process, our diets play the largest role.


Maybe the type of food you are eating is high in calories and low in nutritional value. Maybe you’re only eating small amounts of meals but it’s so full of saturated fat that makes your body gain weight.


Counting your calories will give you a better insight and it can increase your awareness of how your daily diet affects your weight. This is not your sign to measure everything you eat and obsess about counting the calories in one piece of almonds; this is your sign to be more aware of what you’re putting into your body.


2- Slow Down On Sugary Drinks


Sugary drinks can be very sneaky and they can lead you to gain weight rapidly!  


Let’s put it this way, you had that cup of coffee with cream and sugar along with your breakfast; you had a soda with your salad for lunch; you drank sugary orange juice at night and called it dinner. These three drinks are full of sugar that could make you gain weight like crazy!


Slow Down On Sugary Drinks


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You won’t believe how quickly you would lose weight if only you would cut back on these sugary drinks. Try switching these drinks for water and you will see results that would make you happy!


Drink your coffee black, opt for natural orange juice, and completely cut off soda and energy drinks. You won’t believe it until you do it!


3- Get Your Beauty Sleep


Scientists and researchers have discovered a strong and direct relationship between sleeping and weight loss. It has been proven that your quality and quantity of sleep affect your weight in a major way. Poor sleeping habits can lead to fat storage and weight gain.


To elaborate further on this, not getting enough sleep can lead to the production of “hungry” hormones. You are more likely to feel hungry when you do NOT get enough sleep! Your brain will produce hormones that tell you that you’re hungry and increase your appetite!


Aim for sleeping 7-8 hours every night and try to maintain a fixed sleeping schedule to optimize your weight loss.


4- Increase Your Activity Level


Okay, we are all guilty of wanting to achieve certain things magically without putting in the effort. It’s time to face the music: You will not achieve the results you want when you’re a couch potato. 


You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym or you don’t have to move to the gym and call it your natural habitat in order to lose weight. You can lose weight by walking 20-30 minutes daily, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and try becoming more active in general.

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Making small changes and modifications can help you lose weight without the added pressure of going to the gym and playing in front of all those people. You can go to the gym on your own terms!


5- Eat Healthier Foods


It’s not a secret that you should opt for eating healthier foods in order to lose weight. In fact, protein is essential in your journey to weight loss.


Protein makes you feel full for long hours, builds your muscles, and tones your body. Not only that, but it also decreases your appetite throughout the day and it lessens your need to grab the occasional snack. 


Eat Healthier Foods


Fruits and veggies are also perfect for your weight loss journey because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to replenish itself and lose weight.


Healthy fats are also essential if you want to lose weight the right way. Many people are afraid of healthy fats and think that they are the source of all evils. However, healthy fats can help you feel more satiated and regulate your “hungry” hormones. 

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