What to Do When Your Girlfriend Stops Talking to You

It’s Code Red if your girl stops talking to you altogether! If she stops taking your calls and ignoring you completely, then we don’t know if you should call the CIA to find out what went wrong, or if you should run away to another country because you made her really upset!


If she’s ignoring you, it means that she’s mad beyond limits; it means that she’s finally fed up with your actions. Most often, a girl would resort to the silent treatment when she’s had “this” conversation with you a hundred times before.


She’s not willing to waste her breath one more time. She now believes that talking to you regarding this matter is fruitless and has no outcome. 


Most often, girls would talk to you many times before deciding to give up on you. She would explain things over and over again, she would cry, but she would give you another chance. However, if you keep failing her, she will stop talking to you eventually. 


Don’t worry, we got you, there’s still a chance at redemption if you do this correctly. Below is our detailed guide on what to do when your girlfriend stops talking to you.


1- Brainstorm On What Went Wrong


There’s absolutely nothing more annoying than a man who doesn’t even know what went wrong! Like don’t you even know your girl at all?

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For instance, let’s say that you keep standing her up and leave her hanging just to play video games with your boys. She’s had this conversation with you countless times before.


Brainstorm On What Went Wrong


She told you just how much this upsets her; she explained that it makes her feel insignificant and that she’s only a second option. Still, you keep doing this over and over again, and now you’re clueless about what’s wrong. Dude, wake up and smell the anger!


Chill out, we still got you! Below are the steps to find out what went wrong for the clueless men out there.

  • What are your most recurring fights?


Is there a specific fight that you keep having over and over again? 

  • Did something happen to trigger the same fight?


For instance, did you stand your girl up again just to keep playing video games?

  • How did you handle the situation?


Did you tell your girl not to overreact and that she doesn’t have the right to get upset? Did you tell your girl to “chill”?


2- Find A Way To Reach Her


Try calling, texting, and doing everything you can to let her know that you want to work out your issues. If she’s still not replying, just send her a text saying that you’re sorry for whatever went wrong and that you would like a chance to make things right. Remember to make her feel like you really care about her.


There’s a huge chance that her heart will soften after she knows that you’re there and that you’re willing to own up to your own mistakes. Nothing is more attractive than a man who takes responsibility for his actions.

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By the way, this is NOT your sign to send her a message saying that she’s overreacting and to stop being passive-aggressive. Bro, you’re on your own if you do that!


3- Give Her Some Space


If she’s still not responding, it’s clear that she wants some space. This is NOT your sign to go throw pebbles on her window; this is not a romantic-comedy movie. You obviously messed up big time and at this point, it’s really up to her to forgive you or not. 


Just let her know that she’s important and that you love her and pray she talks to you


PS: You need to find the perfect balance; don’t completely ignore her, yet don’t bombard her phone with your endless calls and messages. She wants to know that you’re there, but she also wants to know that you respect her space and that she has every right to be angry.


4- Validate Her Feelings


Validate Her Feelings


At this point, your girl is testing you! If she got angry and all you did was ignore her and tell her that she’s a drama queen, then you’re out of the game! This will only make her more upset and it will show her that you don’t respect her nor her feelings.


You have to acknowledge her feelings; she wants you to know that she’s mad and she’s hurt and she wants you to be okay with that!


If you start gas lighting her and accusing her of overreacting, it’s only going to make matters worse and you will lose every chance of redemption. 

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Owning up to your own mistakes and the consequences that come along will give you an edge. Trust us. 


5- Work On Yourself


Take this time to really work on yourself; take the time to become a better person for her. After all, she deserves a better version of you! She’s putting up with your inconsistency and your immature actions, so the least you could do is try to become a better man. 


If she’s asking that you remember your anniversaries, then you should start bringing her flowers and chocolate on your anniversary. If she’s asking that you call her more often, then call her more often. Let her know that you care about her and that you want to check up on her. 


If she’s asking for more effort from your side, then really make the effort! Because if you don’t level up your game, then you’re eventually going to lose her.


And buddy, you’re a step away from losing her for good! She stopped talking to you altogether; that’s how upset she is! 


Take this final chance at redemption, don’t let her hate herself for giving you another chance!


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