Why am I annoyed with my boyfriend for no reason

Spending quality time with your boyfriend is essential in every relationship because this is a time when you can get to know him better. New relationships go through a honeymoon phase where you both can’t get enough of each other and spend as much time with each other as possible. But sometimes, this honeymoon phase wears off and you might get annoyed with your boyfriend sometimes for no logical reason!


Read along as we discuss the four different reasons why you are getting annoyed with your boyfriend and how to act about it.


1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder


If you are spending way too much time with your boyfriend, maybe it is time for a break. It is always good to have alone time where you can spend time with yourself, even if you are in a relationship. Taking breaks like this doesn’t mean that you are not in love with your significant other anymore but rather, it means that you value your individuality too.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Maybe you are annoyed with your boyfriend because the relationship takes up too much and you feel like you are losing yourself. This is not a good sign because it can lead to resentment and regret.


Find some ‘me-time, even if it’s just for a few hours so that you can feel like yourself again. It’s okay to get into activities that you can do on your own. Once you do this, you will have a renewed sense of individuality and be ready to jump on spending time with your boyfriend again.

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Make it a habit of spending a few days away from each other so that you can enjoy yourself and your friends without them being present. And most importantly, you should extend the same courtesy to him. If he wants to have a boys’ night out, let him have it. It is important that you still keep up with your relationships and friendships to prevent burnout. 


A lot of couples were on lockdown or quarantined together because of the pandemic and it either made their relationship stronger or it was a catalyst that broke the couple apart. Couples who spent a lot of time together picked up new hobbies that they can do together.


The pandemic has also exposed problems in people’s relationships, spending all the time together in the world can make or break relationships and if you were one of the lucky ones who stuck together – then your relationship has stood the test of time!


2. Stop nitpicking


Sometimes when you spend too much time with each other, you get into the habit of nitpicking every single little thing that he does and there might be some things that he would do that annoy you. This is all normal because he might feel the same way about you!


As human beings, there are certain mannerisms and actions that we do that might rub other people the wrong way. This doesn’t mean that we have to change and conform ourselves to fit what others are thinking, but this means more of accepting the other person for who they are, regardless of how they are acting.

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Pure acceptance of the other person means that you will accept them no matter what happens and not try to change them. This is the ultimate sign of love – if you get into a relationship with somebody who you want to change, then you are in a relationship for the wrong reasons.


Being annoyed with somebody is sometimes a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Maybe it is a sign that you have resentment over something that you are feeling.


I find that sometimes I am annoyed with somebody because I don’t feel right within myself and there is a deeper reason – which does not necessarily mean that it’s connected to the other person.


3. Its okay to be annoyed – sometimes


Being annoyed is part of human nature and we can’t avoid it sometimes. Your sense of annoyance is something that you can control, and it is more of a “you” problem than the other person. If you feel like you are getting annoyed too often or too sensitive with your boyfriend, maybe it’s time to do a self-evaluation and deep dive as to WHY you are getting annoyed.


Oftentimes, the annoyance might be a deeper feeling of resentment that we don’t know we have towards somebody. Being annoyed has a negative connotation and it might leave you with ill feelings towards the other person.


If you feel that you can’t get over your annoyance with the other person, this might be a sign that your relationship is on the brink of despair. If you love the other person, certain annoyances will be easy to get over but if you feel like you can’t get past some things, it might be better to part ways.

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Its okay to be annoyed


4. Focus on your boyfriend’s positive attributes


Your boyfriend’s mannerisms that are annoying to you are just a little component of his whole being and personality. To get over the things that you are getting annoyed with, you should focus on the positive characteristics and attributes that your boyfriend has. This will far outweigh the things that are annoying to you.


Keep in mind that there is nobody perfect, and we all have imperfections that make up our unique personalities. When you are in a relationship with somebody, it is important to realize that the other person is not perfect and they will never be perfect just like you will never be perfect! Accepting this and focusing on the positive attributes that your boyfriend possesses will be crucial in making the relationship work. 


You have to keep in mind that the positive attributes and characteristics are harder to come by so you have to be grateful for your boyfriend and never take him for granted. Treat him well and show him that you appreciate him and your relationship will surely go the long way.

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