Why Can’t I Find Motivation To Do Anything?

Lacking the motivation to do anything feels like you’re exhausted the whole time; it feels like your energy is always running on low levels. You find it difficult to do just about anything, and if you start a task you may fail to complete it because you lack the energy to do so. You find it difficult to find the beauty in the little things, just like drinking your coffee when it’s just the perfect temperature. 


You feel like everyone out there is accomplishing something and achieving dreams, while your biggest accomplishment is finally going to the bathroom because you’ve been holding it in for the past few hours. That’s okay, we all feel like that every once in a while. But that shouldn’t be you the whole time; it shouldn’t define your reality and justify wasting every day like this.


You shouldn’t miss out on life because each new day embraces a new beginning and another chance to work on your dreams. Every day holds newfound beauty and new experiences for you to live! 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find out why you lack the motivation and why can’t you find the motivation to do anything.


1- Consider Where You Come From


Our upbringing and the environment we grew up in plays the biggest role in shaping our belief system. Did you grow up in a house that constantly puts you down and never celebrates your victories?

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Did you grow up in a family that constantly tells you that “you’re not smart enough” or “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t know what you’re talking about”? 

Was every thought you ever uttered ridiculed? Were you always compared to your siblings? Were you asked, “why can’t you be more like this and that?” 


Did a teacher make fun of your thoughts and told you that “you’re stupid?” Did you have a terrible experience in school? Did you feel like your grades defined your feelings of self-worth?


Sadly, these negative words will make their way into your belief system and crash every ounce of motivation you could ever have. You’re bound to believe these words because they were repeated several times that you started thinking that they might be true. You lack the motivation to do things because deep down you’re afraid that their words are true; you’re scared that you will never measure up and that they were right all along.


You lack the motivation to do things


2- Consider The Cleanliness Of Your Space


I’ve said this before and I will keep saying it again and again: Motivation is energy and energy does NOT flow in messy places. Just think of motivation as a car; you’re driving this car and you’re trying to go to a certain place, but driving isn’t easy at all and the car is barely moving because there are endless physical barriers and obstacles. You will eventually turn around and go home because you’re physically unable to move. 

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Messiness is just like these physical barriers; motivation will not be able to move through these barriers! It makes you lose motivation and momentum!


Clean your surroundings and make room for this energy to flow. Push yourself to declutter your space and do some deep cleaning.


3- Consider Your Inner Circle


Who do you hang out with? 


Are you hanging with energy vampires who suck the life out of everything around them? Are your friends unmotivated and would rather spend their time doing absolutely nothing? 


Are you hanging around losers who would rather be negative all the time and don’t welcome any positive vibes? Are you hanging out with people who just love nagging about everyone and everything? 


Well, guess what? Their energy is contagious and this lack of motivation is bound to rub itself on you. You will also be unmotivated to do anything because you know that they will find a way to criticize you and make your experience negative.


4- You Don’t Know What You Want


It’s an absolute shame that many of us go on with our lives without even knowing what we want. What makes you tick? What’s your passion?


What’s that one thing that makes you want to get up every morning? What makes you want to move mountains?


Finding your passion will give you the motivation to do anything to make this passion come to life. Finding your passion will automatically motivate you to accomplish your dreams.

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You Don’t Know What You Want


Not knowing what you want will make your life meaningless and will leave you feeling unmotivated to do just about anything.


What’s something that you would enjoy doing every day for the rest of your life?


5- You May Suffer From Clinical Depression


If you feel like you’re seriously paralyzed; if you’ve been in this state for a long period of time, it’s time to consider going to a professional. 


Humans are not wired to stay static all the time; we’re wired to move forward and look for the next adventure or the next phase of our lives. We’re programmed to seek new experiences and explore new places.


If your lack of motivation is to an extent where you can’t get out of bed, you may be suffering from clinical depression. 


If your lack of motivation is affecting your personal hygiene and you feel that you’re unable to even take a shower, it may be more than just a loss of motivation.


If you feel like you’re constantly struggling with yourself to do basic things like eating and sleeping, it’s more than just a lack of motivation. You’re not lazy and unmotivated, you’re in pain and you need professional help; there’s zero shame in asking for help! 


Always remember that you’re brave enough to admit that you need help.

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