Why Do Guys Change After You Sleep With Them

Inside A Guy’s Head


Before I offend any male who may be reading this, let me preface it with this. I do not know what I’m talking about. 


Well, not in any kind of professional manner anyway. So, per usual, I will be speaking from only my own experiences. 


Inside A Guy’s Head


Guys…. not really the deepest characters you’ll ever meet. I mean, maybe some yes. When it comes to dating women, often they are not thinking nearly as hard as we are about certain things. 


Girls, we like to go on a first/second/third date…then come home and over analyze everything. Like literally from the moment he was late or early to the date to the moment we parted ways and did or didn’t try to kiss us.


We often have those little butterflies you get when you date someone new and that weird thing where you can’t remember what they look like for some reason. Thank goodness for social media. 


Often a phone call is placed to a bestie or sibling in order to have not one, but two people obsessing over every detail and all the possibilities of what each move could mean. Then there is the discussion of ‘well, what is he doing right now?’ and the potential plan for you guys to go drive by his place and spy.


Of course that plan never actually comes to fruition because, well, let’s be honest…. you’ve managed to make you way through about ¾ of that bottle of red you’ve been saving for the friends dinner party you never actually followed through with. 

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Ya, it’s true. As girls, our minds get a serious workout after a date with someone new(ish). There is a lot to wonder about and prepare for, should another date be in the future. 


Well, the bottle of wine is now done and while having a silent argument with yourself about whether you should open another bottle, you start to wonder if you looked okay tonight. Yes, of course you checked the mirror 18 times before you walked out the door…but did the outfit “age” well on the date? 


Full length mirrors don’t lie, there’s your hair – way more flat than 6 hours when you left. Makeup somehow not as fresh, probably should have laid it on a little thicker. The outfit though, still looking good. Shoo!


So, what is the guy doing now that the date is over?


He walked in his house, threw his keys on the table and passed out on the couch. Most likely only made it halfway through a beer that he grabbed on his way to the couch, probably SportsCenter or something similar on the TV and his shoes still on, propped up on the other end of the couch. 


How dare he!? Why isn’t he over there reliving every moment like me?


How is he not plotting out the perfect “after date” text message to send to me?? He clearly doesn’t care or didn’t have a great time if he was able to pass right now, this guy is clearly bored and uninterested!!


Well…. not exactly. My opinion of this is – his reaction is a great sign. His night is over, he probably had fun and we’ll take the passing out as a sign of he’s exhausted and has nothing else to stay up for. 

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You should worry if he came up, freshened up and then started messaging friends to head back out for a night cap. Seems like he’s pretty satisfied with his evening. So, if that drive by did happen, you wouldn’t have much to spy on.


He’s into you, leave it at that. Guys are simple and don’t need to over think, over analyze or lose sleep over these things 😊 We do, and that’s fine! 




Well, the above information was just a really long way of saying guys are simple, they don’t think too deeply about a lot of things. However, when it comes to a relationship, there is usually a connection. That connection is taken to a whole new level when you involve sex. 


Unfortunately, the level it’s taken to isn’t necessarily the same for both parties involved. Some do feel more emotions and a deeper connection, others feel a connection that, while deeper, still quite superficial. 


So why do guys change after you sleep with them? Well, because of what I just said above. But they can change in a couple ways. 


So why do guys change after you sleep with them


They can become closer – this is now a connection that you don’t have with just anyone. You most likely had a passionate moment (or few moments) and it’s now beyond physical, it’s a mental game too.


He is thinking of you all the time, remember the great time you had and how the relationship has moved to another level. Probably the idea of being exclusive is something you are both hoping will come up. You are also both hoping this is a sign of the relationship moving in the right direction. 

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The other way a guy changes after having sex – well, for lack of a better way of putting it…they might be thinking “mission accomplished”. They might change by slowly distancing themselves from you.


The guys who really are after one thing will probably disappear quickly, because they know sticking around at all will lead you to believe they wanted anything more from you than that. Others might pull back their interest but not all together because, well, your number might come in handy late one night when there is nothing else to do. 


Hate to be so blunt, but c’mon ladies…so many of us have dated both of the above guys. To be honest, sometimes us girls are like guy #2, we just wanna have fun too. 


It’s easy to argue that sex will change everyone but for some, they go into it with intentions of taking it no further and move on as quick as possible. And that’s exactly what they do. Others are taking it to that level because so far, everything else has lined up and the chemistry is there. 


Do yourself a favor and try to figure out which of those guys you are dating before taking it to the next level, save yourself from a surprise ending.

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